Chris Wallace moved by ‘dramatic’ testimony from Marie Yovanovitch

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace fell apart on air while providing his analysis of Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

Yovanovitch’s testimony for some reason has created a wave of overreaction in the media. Considering Yovanovitch failed to provide anything meaningful to the impeachment inquiry, the response is indeed odd.

“Powerful” testimony

Chris Wallace had a very interesting take on Yovanovitch’s testimony in the House. Wallace passionately declared, “I think that if you are not moved by the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch today, you don’t have a pulse.”

“This is a woman who had served in seven posts for presidents of both parties for more than 30 years … The really dramatic moment is that this wasn’t just testimony about the past, this played out in real-time with the president attacking her.”

It possible, then, that most of us have no pulse, because it’s hard to decipher what was actually supposed to be moving about Yovanovitch’s testimony

What was established during her appearance is that she has spent a lot of time in Washington, and President Trump no longer wanted her services. It has been said that Yovanovitch’s exit from the State Department was ugly. But, it most be noted, a bad exit is irrelevant to impeachment.

Donald Trump responded to the former ambassador’s criticism by essentially saying that Yovanovitch was ineffective in her job and that it is well within the president’s authority to remove officials he doesn’t trust.

The fact that Yovanovitch spent many years as an ambassador and then things ended badly with Trump does not constitute an impeachable offense. The most powerful thing that came from her testimony is the fact that she had no knowledge of any criminal activity on the part of Donald Trump.

She was asked by Rep. Christ Steward (R-UT) if she had any information regarding the president of the United States participating in bribery or whether she had any information regarding any criminal activity at all involving Trump, and to both questions she replied “no.”

Democrat distraction?

The fact that Yovanovitch’s testimony has gone from something that should be a non-story to a headline-grabbing blockbuster  is indicative of the current state of impeachment.

The Democrats’ plan to impeach Trump is going horribly, so now instead of talking about the lackluster performances of of Bill Taylor and George Kent earlier in the week, we are talking about Yovanovitch and her removal from office.

Yovanovitch is supposed to be worthy of the drama because of her 30 years of public service. But that very entrenchment as a career bureaucrat is likely a big reason why Trump doesn’t trust her.

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