Chris Wallace says his daughters came forward about past abuse after Kavanaugh allegations

Viewers were stunned on Thursday when Chris Wallace revealed a personal detail to viewers.

As the Kavanaugh hearing progressed, Wallace revealed his daughters told him about incidents that happened to them while in high school – incidents that he never knew about.

Coming Forward

A sad, yet very true, fact is most women who are assaulted in some way never come forward.

Reasons range from not understanding what assault actually is to shame to thinking nobody will ever believe them.

Wallace did not go into detail about the incidents his daughters revealed to him, but it was clear he was stunned to hear of the attacks.

Why It’s Important

It cannot be stressed enough anyone who undergoes a serious attack should feel free to come forward immediately without being shamed or pressured.

Although we don’t know what personal pressures Dr. Ford had to face, had her would-be rapist been charged immediately, justice would have been better served.

More importantly, the person that actually assaulted her, if her story is true, would have been held accountable.

Now, since Ford cannot remember even the most basic details about the attack, it is unlikely the true culprit will ever be found.


There are significant ramifications when someone does not come forward right away, and we are seeing this play out right in front of us today.

First and foremost, you have an alleged victim that never gets justice.

Second, and just as important, the attacker gets away without having been held accountable.

Third, there is a significant chance someone will be wronged when the allegations eventually do come out, just as we are seeing with Judge Kavanaugh.

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Even if Kavanaugh is confirmed, his reputation will be tainted by these allegations forever.

If any good comes out of these hearings, it will be that parents across the nation are having discussions with their children about these very issues.

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