Chris Wallace: Joe Biden can’t ‘hide from now until Election Day’

Fox News host Chris Wallace says Joe Biden is doing his best to hide from the media as he prepares to accept the Democrats’ nomination for the presidency — but the former VP can’t keep that up forever.

According to the Washington Examiner, Wallace seemed stunned during a recent appearance on Fox News Radio that Biden’s campaign wasn’t “putting anybody out” to speak with the media ahead of the Democratic National Convention, which began Monday.

The Fox star went on to lament the opportunity Biden missed by not reaching out to viewers of his Sunday Fox program — or any other Sunday news program, for that matter.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here,” Wallace told Fox News Radio, according to the Examiner. “This is the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“They are not putting anybody out”

Wallace, for his part, has long been known as a more left-leaning host on the traditionally right-leaning Fox News Channel. But though Wallace was able to get a no-holds-barred interview with President Donald Trump last month, Biden wouldn’t send even a lowly campaign staffer to speak with Wallace this Sunday — despite the fact that it was just one day before the start of this year’s Democratic National Convention.

Speaking with Fox News Radio, Wallace said he’s been interviewing candidates and their officials the Sunday before their party’s convention “on and off” for the last 32 years, the Examiner reported. Wallace also said he’d been “counting all week on, you know, having a top official from the Biden campaign — the campaign manager, the top pollster, the chief strategist — to talk about what they’re going to talk about during this next week.”

But “they are not putting anybody out,” Wallace said. In fact, Biden has denied Wallace an interview numerous times throughout the campaign season, as Forbes notes.

“The basement strategy”

According to the Examiner, Wallace originally thought the Biden campaign was merely “boycotting” Fox News — but that doesn’t seem to be the case. “They’re not putting anybody out on any of the Sunday shows [at this] point,” he said, as the Examiner reported.

Wallace will be hosting a representative from Trump’s campaign next Sunday, he noted. But Biden has apparently missed his airtime.

“And this just is of a piece with the vice president not doing really any serious interviews, not answering any questions since the rollout,” Wallace said of Biden, according to the Examiner. “I don’t you know, you can try, and I understand [it] has worked pretty well. And he continues to lead with what I’ll call the basement strategy.”

Still, Wallace said Biden will have to come out of hiding sooner or later.

“I don’t think you can hide from now until Election Day,” he told Fox News Radio, according to the Examiner. “I just don’t think it’s possible.”

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