Chris Wallace goes off the deep end and attacks AG Barr

Chris Wallace of Fox News made the decision to make one of the most ridiculous accusations against Barr we have ever heard. Wallace is done pretending he’s a non-partisan news anchor.

On Friday, Wallace accused Barr of “protecting the president.”The funny thing here, though, is Barr virtually negates his own assessment in the defense of his position.

Odd Position

Wallace, like most liberals, is upset Attorney General Barr is investigating the origins of the Russia probe.

For some reason, liberals do not believe an investigation that took more than two years and burned more than $30 million in taxpayer funds should be re-evaluated.

Had the investigation found definitive collusion and obstruction, we would tend to agree with them. The problem, though, was the accusations were made against the President of the United States and they were completely unfounded.

Negating His Own Position

At first, Wallace makes the point that Trump clearly has his own man now. Barr is reflective of many of the statements Trump is making and by conducting this investigation, he is protecting Trump.

In the very next breath, Wallace stated, “Not saying that Barr isn’t right in everything he says, but he clearly is protecting the president and advocating his point of view on a lot of these issues.”

Well, if President Trump is, in fact, right on these issues, should they not be investigated?

That is NOT protecting the president, nor is it looking after the president’s best interests. That is simply doing what the Attorney General is supposed to do.

One of the major problems with Jeff Sessions was that he was worried about what people thought of him. Because of that, he went overboard to appear neutral.

He blatantly ignored evidence because he did not want to seem partial to Trump.

Barr simply does not care who likes him; he just wants to get to the truth of the matter.

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