MSNBC’s Chris Matthews finally admits Dems ‘can easily lose’

One of the more liberal news hosts on TV just said goodbye to the Democrats’ delusions of an easy victory in 2020. MSNBC host Chris Matthews is done believing that Democrats are going to beat President Donald Trump by default.

On Thursday, Matthews warned Democrats, “I think the Democrats’ face is gonna be a mix of [Joe] Biden and someone else, if they win. And they can easily lose.”

No More ‘Flavor of the Month’

The Democrat primary thus far has been like watching waves roll in at the beach. Every wave is slightly different, as are the candidates in this primary, and the media has fallen in love with each and every one of them… for about a week.

Beto O’Rourke raised $6.1 million in his first day. Now he is barely mentioned.

Kamala Harris had the most anticipated announcement but has fizzled out in the early days of the race.

Bernie Sanders, well, he is Bernie Sanders. He has the support of uninformed millennials who like the idea of getting everything for nothing, but how much further does it go?

Then former vice president Joe Biden announced, and the party seems to think everything is now okay with one of their own finally in the race.

Don’t Blow It

Matthews seems to think that Democrats are already in party mode, much like they were during the Hillary Clinton campaign.

He warned them, “You blew it in 2016. You lost to Trump. Nobody should have ever lost to Trump. You could do it again. So don’t go with having a lot of fun in the next year and a half, following the flavor-of-the-month stuff Sober up. Pick the best candidate to beat Trump.”

That candidate, it appears, is Biden, at least in Matthews’ opinion.

However, even Biden is going to need help, from “someone of color, probably a woman,” like Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who is also running for president.

“A Biden-Harris ticket makes perfect sense, it’s a transitional ticket,” Matthews said. “It would appeal to a lot of people.”

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