Disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo to be interviewed by NewsNation anchor Dan Abrams

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was fired by the network he called home last year after it was revealed that he had subversively been involved in the sexual misconduct scandals that ended the political reign of his older brother, disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

Now the similarly disgraced former liberal news anchor is scheduled to make his first appearance in a televised interview since he was terminated by CNN, the Washington Examiner reported.

Cuomo is set to be interviewed next week by NewsNation anchor Dan Abrams, according to a promotional ad posted on social media by the relatively new and self-proclaimed “fact-based, unbiased” news network.

Dan Abrams to interview Chris Cuomo

“Tuesday night, a NewsNation exclusive: Chris Cuomo sits down one-on-one with NewsNation’s Dan Abrams,” the narrator intoned in the promo spot.

“His first television interview since leaving CNN,” Abrams said in the clip, “What he’s doing now … what he’s doing next, and answering the tough questions about his past.”

The promo concluded with the narrator noting that the “exclusive” interview would comprise the entire hour of Abrams’ program on Tuesday that airs at 9 pm eastern time.

Abrams, while likely leaning toward the liberal side of things, is generally considered to be a straight-shooter as a newsman, so it seems unlikely that he will allow Cuomo to skate by without delving into the more controversial aspects of his prior career as a famed CNN anchor and the scandalously abrupt end of that particular job.

What is Cuomo doing now with all of his free time?

The Examiner noted that the “tough questions about his past” will likely deal with the revelations that Chris Cuomo had secretly served as an adviser to Andrew Cuomo about how to counter the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that were lodged against the then-governor and ultimately forced his resignation.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it had been further revealed that the younger Cuomo had used his contacts in the media to dig up dirt on the elder Cuomo’s accusers as a way to try and discredit them in the public eye and salvage his older brother’s political career.

With regard to what Cuomo is doing now or plans to do next, the Examiner noted that Cuomo recently returned from a visit to Ukraine to ostensibly cover the ongoing Russian invasion and has vaguely teased potential future projects.

Notably, Cuomo’s Twitter bio now declares him to be a “FREE AGENT” and recent posts to that account suggest he is merchandising that phrase in addition to launching a podcast dubbed The Chris Cuomo Project.

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