Chris Coons dismisses Biden's age, tells voters to fear 'the alternative'

May 1, 2023
Matthew Boose

Longtime Joe Biden shill Chris Coons (D-De.) went on cable Sunday morning to debase himself with a groveling defense of the 80-year-old president's fitness for office. 

Voters who suspect Biden is too old to serve another term should instead focus on the flaws of the "alternative," presumably Donald Trump, Coons told ABC's This Week. 

"I'd say, 'Compare him to the alternative,'" Coons said. "Recognize the value of experience and seasoning, recognize that his values align better with where we want America to go."

It's a message Biden has hammered all throughout his presidency and again in his campaign kick-off last week, which used imagery from January 6th to paint the 2024 election as another referendum on "democracy."

Biden shill speaks up

The 59-year-old Coons continued to beclown himself by claiming Biden is even sharper than he is.

He marveled at Biden's "great delivery" at Saturday evening's White House Correspondents' Dinner, where Biden read scripted jokes off a teleprompter.

"And in my meetings and conversations with him in public and private, I am more often the person that goes ‘Um, you know, the new senator from Missouri’ than he does. Joe Biden is fit, capable and ready to serve another term.”

When anchor Martha Raddatz mentioned the lack of enthusiasm for Biden even among Democrats, Coons changed the topic.

"I look forward to talking about the numbers based on what we've gotten done with President Biden in the White House, on infrastructure, manufacturing, prescription drugs," Coons said.


Just as they did in 2020, Democratic party apparatchiks are embracing Biden, flaws and all, as the least bad option to defeat Trump. And the message to a skeptical electorate -- that Biden is not Trump -- is largely the same.

Except this time, Biden has a record to defend -- an "incredible" record, Coons said.

He gloated that Trump's criminal charges, which are widely understood to be politically motivated, have "weakened" him and that Trump would lose a rematch "decisively," even though a number of polls show Trump with a slight edge.

"Two years later, President Biden is stronger," Coons said. "He has an incredible record to run on. And the former president is weaker. He's been indicted. He spent years just re-litigating 2020."

The only thing "incredible" is the total lack of shame of Biden and his surrogates.

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