Top Chinese official demands U.S. reduce its nuclear stockpile following Pentagon report on China’s nuclear expansion

The rise of the Chinese communist regime as an emerging nuclear-armed economic and military superpower has been of great concern to some for quite some time, especially now as that regime begins to throw its weight around and make demands of its peer nations that it would never accept for itself.

One recent example of such was China’s foreign minister making the demand that the United States undertake “substantial and substantive cuts to its nuclear arsenal” and, ideally, to completely denuclearize itself, Breitbart said.

That demand came in response to a media question about a recent U.S. Defense Department report that warned of the Chinese regime’s accelerated efforts to dramatically expand its own arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Pentagon warns of China’s expansion of nuclear stockpile

The Pentagon submitted to Congress on Tuesday its annual assessment report on the power and capabilities of the Chinese military in all realms of warfare, including nuclear.

That report estimated that, as of 2021, the Chinese communist regime had already stockpiled more than 400 operational nuclear weapons in its arsenal.

It was further assessed that, if the current rate of expansion continued, China could have more than 1,500 operational nuclear warheads in its stockpile as soon as 2035.

For the sake of comparison, according to a Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation “fact sheet,” the U.S. currently has around 5,500 nuclear warheads in its arsenal, of which 3,800 are active in the stockpile and ready for deployment while around 1,750 have been decommissioned and set aside to be dismantled.

U.S. should reduce its own stockpile before warning about others

The Beijing regime apparently did not appreciate the Pentagon’s report, as evidenced by the response of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian during a Wednesday press conference in which a reporter for French outlet AFP asked if the Pentagon’s assessment was accurate.

“In recent years, the U.S. has been hyping up various versions of the ‘China threat’ narrative simply to find a pretext for expanding its nuclear arsenal and perpetuating military predominance. The world knows well that this is a go-to tactic of the U.S.,” Lijian said.

“China’s nuclear policy is consistent and clear. We follow a self-defensive nuclear strategy,” he continued. “We stick to the policy of no-first-use of nuclear weapons. We have exercised utmost restraint in developing nuclear capabilities. We have kept those capabilities at the minimum level required by national security. We are never part of any form of arms race.”

“The U.S. has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. It has in recent years kept upgrading its ‘nuclear triad,’ and strengthening the role of nuclear weapons in its national security policies,” the spokesman said. “To this day, the U.S. still clings to a nuclear deterrence policy based on first use of nuclear weapons, and openly devises nuclear deterrence strategies against particular countries. The U.S. is engaged in nuclear submarine cooperation with the U.K. and Australia, which violates the object and purposes of the [Non-Proliferation Treaty]. Our suggestion is to go through the recent reports issued by the U.S. itself to read for yourselves what it has done and will do next on the nuclear front.”

Lijian added, “What the U.S. should do is seriously reflect on its nuclear policy, abandon the Cold War mentality and hegemonic logic, stop disrupting global strategic stability, step up to its special and primary responsibilities in nuclear disarmament, and further take substantial and substantive cuts to its nuclear arsenal, so as to create conditions for attaining the ultimate goal of complete and thorough nuclear disarmament.”

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