Chinese billionaire arrested for sexual crime in Minneapolis

A scandal is enveloping a Chinese national here in the United States.

Richard Qiangdong Liu, a Chinese billionaire and founder of, was arrested on charges of alleged criminal sexual misconduct in Minneapolis.

Liu is a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a part of the left-wing communist party government.

Not the First Time

Not long after his arrest, Liu was released and was allowed to return to China.

Even though he was released, though, many are starting to ask questions if this was more about his money buying his freedom rather than someone being wrongly accused.

In 2015, Liu was tied to sexual misconduct allegations in Australia.

According to reports, a guest at his party was eventually convicted on the charges.

Liu fought diligently to have his name kept out of the press, but he was unsuccessful.

Smear Campaign? representatives seem to think this is nothing more than an effort to smear their founder’s name in the media.

Google recently announced it was going to invest more than a half billion in

A scandal surrounding its founding partner would surely drive that price way down.

The circumstances surrounding his arrest have people asking even more questions.

While Liu was taken into custody on Friday night, he was reportedly never informed of the actual charges being levied against him.

Eventually, the Minneapolis police did release him without any formal charges being filed. released a statement about the arrest early Monday morning:

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“We were informed that our CEO Richard Qiangdong Liu was taken into custody by Minneapolis police on August 31, 2018. He has been released without any charges, and without requirement for bail. Mr. Liu has returned to work in China.”

The company has also threatened to take legal action against anyone falsely reporting the incident.

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