China says post-midterm impeachment of Biden is ‘highly likely’

China is predicting that Republicans will impeach President Joe Biden should they win control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newsmax reports

The prediction came on Wednesday in the Global Times, the Communist Chinese Party’s (CCP) propaganda arm.

In addition to predicting Biden’s impeachment, the article looks to paint America as having devolved into “chaos” and as having a “fragile and unstable democracy.” This sort of thing is typical of these types of articles from the Times. 

“Highly likely”

“Chinese experts” are cited by the Global Times as the source of the prediction.

The article reads:

The US is bracing for further chaos and division, as Republicans are highly likely to trigger an impeachment process against US President Joe Biden if they wrest control of the House back, Chinese experts predicted, as Americans will finish voting in the midterm elections on Tuesday (local time) amid an atmosphere of intense partisan rivalry.

The outlet, again citing analysts, goes on to write that such an impeachment of Biden would be “‘political payback’ for Democrats’ ‘weaponized impeachment’ against former president Donald Trump.”

As for what the House Republicans’ grounds would be for the impeachment of Biden, the Global Times suggests that there are various possibilities.

The possibilities include “the chaotic Afghanistan pullout, COVID-19 pandemic eviction moratorium, failing to enforce immigration laws and prevent border crossings, as well as Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s actions in Ukraine.”

Will it happen?

The short answer is we don’t know.

The Republicans have certainly promised that, should they retake the House in the midterms, they would launch a wide range of investigations into various issues, including the issues listed above. But, the Republicans have not said whether they would look to impeach Biden. It would probably depend on what they find in these investigations.

But, for now, this is all putting the cart before the horse.

That’s because the Republicans have yet to even officially win the House. They are still expected to, but, at the time of this writing, it has yet to officially happen. And, on top of this, if the Republicans do retake Congress, they are not going to have the big lead that they were expected to have and they certainly will not have enough Senate support to remove Biden from office.

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