Dozens killed in devastating South China floods, mudslides

The southern provinces of China have been inundated by heavy rains for several weeks, and the torrential downpours have led to devastating mudslides and deadly flooding.

Up to 61 people have reportedly been killed while thousands more were rescued from the latest round of rain and flooding.

Video of one such mudslide showed cars and trucks being shoved out of the way like toys as a wall of soggy earth swept across a roadway.

Slides triggered by heavy rain

Some 4.5 million people in eight southern Chinese provinces have been adversely impacted by the heavy rains and flash flooding, as well as the landslides caused by the unceasing rainfall.

Authorities claimed that some 300,000 people have already been evacuated from flooded areas, and at least 7,000 homes are known to have already collapsed or been swept away by floodwaters that are higher than six feet in some locations.

As can be seen in the video below, the wall of mud slid down the side of the hill with such incredible force that it brushed aside dozens of vehicles as if they weighed nothing.

When the sodden earth finally came to rest, it was easily deeper than the height of the tallest vehicles that just been knocked out of the way or completely buried.

Watch the stunning footage below:

Utter devastation

Chinese authorities are said to be working hard to provide relief to those who’ve been displaced or otherwise impacted by the terrible storms, which have already caused more than $1 billion in economic losses.

This round of heavy rainfall is just the latest to inundate an already drenched region of China. Since the start of the flood season earlier in the year, Chinese officials have reported that at least 83 people have died or gone missing due to the severe weather, and more than 6.75 million people in some 22 separate provinces have felt an impact.

One city in the southern province of Guangxi, known as Guilin, has reportedly received more than 32 inches of rain thus far. The province of Jiangxi itself was said by Chinese meteorological officials to have received upwards of 27 inches of rain.

More rain expected

Unfortunately, there is likely more heavy rain on the way, and no room in the swollen creeks and rivers, authorities are warning everybody in the region to take precautions against further flooding and potential devastation.

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