China holds military drills in response to Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on Tuesday despite warnings from China that a visit to the island would be met with an armed response.

Pelosi called China’s bluff but now China is holding military exercises surrounding Taiwan. The drills will run from Thursday through Sunday and it appears that the People’s Liberation Army is finetuning its invasion strategy.

China has long made it clear they want to reclaim Taiwan but the involvement of the United States complicates that. China’s saber-rattling will eventually turn into a real conflict unless something drastic is done.

China emboldened

President Joe Biden’s weakness has emboldened China to the point where they threatened to shoot down U.S. Military aircraft.

China knows President Biden won’t stand up to them and that was proven when President Biden told Pelosi not to visit Taiwan. Thankfully, Pelosi carried on with her plan and revealed China’s bluster.

Now China has to save face following Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and the answer to their problem is a massive military drill.

China is currently mobilizing a massive force of air, land, and sea assets to encircle Taiwan.

Shi Yi, a spokesperson for the PLA’s Eastern Theater Command, issued a statement saying, “This action is targeted at the US’s shocking recent major escalation on the Taiwan issue, and serves as a serious warning to Taiwanese independence forces or those seeking independence.”

China could very well be disguising a true invasion behind the smokescreen of an exercise. What remains to be seen is how President Biden will navigate the coming days.

Dangerous waters

The United States cannot afford an armed confrontation with a nuclear superpower but we also cannot abandon our allies in Taiwan.

President Biden needs to do what he has so far failed to do; project strength and ensure Taiwan’s safety without war breaking out.

Unfortunately, there is nothing indicating that President Biden has any sort of capability to handle this situation. All Americans can do is wait this storm out and hope for the best.

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