China faces intense flood threat after landslides injure residents in Guangdong

 April 22, 2024
Southern China is currently grappling with severe landslides and impending floods following torrential rains that started inundating Guangdong province last Thursday, the Daily Mail reported.Landslides in Guangdong have injured at least six people, trapping more, with unprecedented floods predicted to be a century's worst.The heavy rains began affecting the area late last week, causing rivers in the Pearl River Delta to swell dangerously and triggering landslides in nearby mountainous regions.

Beginning of the Catastrophe

The landslides impacted six villages in the northern Guangdong town of Jiangwan, as reported by the state media on Sunday. This has led to significant disruptions and casualties in the area.

Among the injured, six were severely affected and had to be airlifted to a hospital in Shaoguan for emergency treatment.

Over 80 rescue workers were deployed, working day and night to restore communication lines and assist those trapped by debris.

Emergency Response and Rescue Operations

Rescue teams faced considerable challenges due to disrupted roadways and communications, complicating efforts to reach those affected directly.

Despite these hurdles, the focus remains on evacuating trapped individuals and providing immediate medical aid to those injured.

Aerial images from the area show floodwaters nearing street levels in several towns, demonstrating the urgent nature of the rescue operations.

Impending Flood Crisis

The national weather office, alerting to the critical situation, issued weather warnings specifically for central regions of Guangdong, anticipating more storms through the end of the weekend and into Monday.

Forecasts from the provincial hydrology bureau indicate the potential for historical flooding in three locations within the Bei River basin, beginning early Monday.

These floods are expected to reach levels seen approximately once a century, profoundly impacting the densely populated and industrially significant Pearl River Delta.

Broader Climate Implications

Neighboring provinces such as Jiangxi and Fujian are also gearing up for extreme weather, with severe rainstorms predicted to hit these areas as well.

The increasing frequency and intensity of such weather events across China have been linked to climate change, driven by human-emitted greenhouse gases. This trend underscores the dire need for enhanced global cooperation and local resilience strategies to address the escalations in extreme weather patterns.


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