China blasts Biden for handling of Chinese spy balloon

February 13, 2023
Robert Ayers

Fox News reports that China is now mocking President Joe Biden and his administration for its handling of the Chinese spy balloon incident. 

This is the same balloon that Biden allowed to float all the way across the United States, including regions where U.S. military assets are located, before finally deciding to shoot the balloon down over the Atlantic Ocean, off of the coast of South Carolina.

In response, China - who claimed that the balloon was actually a weather device that had veered off track - put out a statement condemning Biden's handling of the balloon situation.

Now, the communist government of China is using news outlets that it owns, according to Fox News, to openly mock Biden and his administration for their handling of the Chinese spy balloon.

"Immature and irresponsible"

One of the China-owned news outlets that is mocking Biden is the China Daily.

China Daily has gone so far as to call the Biden administration's response to the Chinese spy balloon "immature," "irresponsible," and even "hysterical."

"The Joe Biden administration's handling of the Chinese balloon case last week was meant to showcase the United States' strategic strength amid fierce attacks by Republicans and the low approval ratings of U.S. officials," the outlet writes.

"But instead," the outlet continues, "it has shown to the world how immature and irresponsible — indeed hysterical — the U.S. has been in dealing with the case."

This was not the only article of its kind published by the Chinese government.

"Laughably juvenile"

As the reader likely knows by now, after the Chinese spy balloon incident, the Biden administration shot down several other flying objects that have yet to be identified. This includes an object over Alaska and one over Canada.

The Chinese government used The Global Times, another state-owned outlet, to criticize these actions, which the outlet referred to as "laughably juvenile."

"Less than a week after a U.S. fighter jet fired a missile and brought down a Chinese balloon, an utterly harmless civilian airship designed for meteorological use, the US shot down an unidentified object around Alaska on Friday at the order of President Joe Biden," the outlet writes.

It continued, "Stuck in typical partisanship and ‘political correctness,’ orders from the White House are getting laughably juvenile."

What this all goes to show is how far America has fallen, in terms of foreign affairs, under the leadership of Biden and his administration. Our enemies are laughing at us.

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