Chilean singer dies at 32 in horrific car crash

 June 20, 2024

A country singer popular in Chile died in a horrific car crash only one day after her 32nd birthday.

Ivana Pino lost control of her car while driving on a highway and flipped over, the Daily Mail reported. She leaves behind four children and many heartbroken fans.

A passenger, whose name was not shared, was seriously injured and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Singer dead in crash

Around 7 a.m. Saturday, she was driving on Route M-80, between Curanipe and Pelluhue in the region of Maule, when the accident happened, Cambio21 reported.

A local news outlet, Chilean daily evening news show T13, reported that Pino was on her way home from a birthday party.

She crashed into a concrete barrier, causing her car to flip and land upside down. The authorities have opened an investigation into the tragic incident, but it is believed that wet road conditions contributed to the accident, The Sun reported.

Pino shared an eerie Facebook post only hours before her untimely demise.

"Today, I thank God for allowing me to celebrate another year of life," she wrote.

"Thank you all for your beautiful greetings and for all the love given," she added. "Many, many thanks, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I love you a lot."

Rancheras singer

Known by the nickname "La Rancherita de Chanco," Pino was famous in the Cauquenes province for performing rancheras, a style of Mexican folk music.

She was the pride of her hometown, Chanco, which called her an "unforgettable figure whose charisma will resonate eternally in our lives," the Sun reported.

"The name 'Ivana' for us will always mean happiness and joy in its purest essence," the city added. "Your departure leaves a void impossible to fill, but your legacy will endure through time, reminding us of the beauty of your spirit and the generosity of your heart."

Pino's death is being felt deeply by the townspeople, mayor Marcelo Waddington said, adding she "gladdened the hearts of the most humble people in our city."

"We feel for her so much the people have loved her so much, that the truth is they have suffered a lot with her passing."

She was laid to rest Monday after a public funeral service with friends, family, and fans.

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