Hundreds of children removed from border facilities

In an effort to alleviate some of the overcrowding at border facilities, the White House jumped into action.

Roughly 300 children were removed from one of the overcrowded border detention facilities and sent to alternative facilities until they can go to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to be placed within the United States.

Over-Crowded and Under-funded

The situation at the border gets worse with every passing day. Facilities that were meant to hold about 4,000 people have more than 10,000 currently being held in them.

Areas meant to hold less than a hundred children have four and five times that amount.

To blame is the fact illegal crossings are at all-time highs and there simply is not enough staff in place to process these people. In the case of these particular children, they were only supposed to be at the facility for three days, but some have been there for more than two weeks.

The Trump administration has been begging Congress for funds to address these problems, but Democrats are doing everything in their power to block the legislation or load it with poison pills to hurt the administration.

Damning Reports

After AP ran a story showing the conditions at the border detention facility, there was no choice but to move the children out.

Reporters covering the story stated there were children that had been there for weeks, many of them facing unsanitary conditions. Additionally, there was not enough staff there to properly care for the children to lack of funding and overcrowding.

When the White House saw the conditions, all but a few of the children were relocated to a tent city that is being used to supplement detention centers.

They will remain there until Health and Human Services is able to process them and place them.

There only two ways this situation gets better and both need Democrat support. First and foremost, Dems needs to approve clean legislation for humanitarian funding. Second, they need to stop encouraging illegal immigration, or these facilities will continue to be overrun.

Sadly, hell just may freeze over before the Dems agree to either of those conditions.

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