Chiefs warn ‘defund the police’ campaign has done incalculable damage

The Defund-the-Police agenda launched by leftists across America only a few years ago has had some serious impacts already.

Crime sprees, neighborhoods overrun by gangs, no response to 911 calls, and more.

But police chiefs, retired, say it’s even worse than that: It’s left police forces overstretched, burned out, and without enough applicants to maintain the ranks.

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According to a report in the Daily Mail, Jeff Rasche, a retired chief, said the response times are longer when there are fewer officers and there’s not enough time for training when they’re working overtime.

“Retired Fort Worth police chief Jeff Halstead said morale is the lowest he’s ever seen in his 30 years on the force – and said it’s because officers feel their profession has been demonized, and they are concerned about being indicted criminally,” the report explained.

Halstead said, “In today’s world, their No. 1 problem is staffing. … And what you hear is the same drum being beaten: How are we going to get ourselves through this?”

The Defund movement has attacked law enforcement in a number of ways and has triggered violent clashes in police departments.

Then there are the ripple effects, the report described.

Victims must wait longer for officers to arrive, and the morale among those officers is plunging, officials said.

Further, Halstead warned because of the possibility of backlash, officers are not being as aggressive as they were in earlier times, as they fear being named in a criminal case brought by a suspect with the ear of a sympathetic prosecutor or judge.

That, in turn, leaves the door open to “a massive increase in violent crime,” Halstead told the publication.

Losses have been 2,465 officers in New York City and 230 in Portland, Oregon.

Rasche said law enforcement isn’t a job where you can just “turn the lights off and go home.”

In big U.S. cities, robberies have surged 13% and aggravated assaults by 2.6%, the report said.

Some cities are reporting a 50% increase in homicides.

Businesses, too, already have been complaining that departments in their headquarters cities aren’t sufficient, and staff members are fearful of going to their jobs.

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