Chief of Biden's failed 'Disinformation' board wants money to sue Fox

March 3, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The chief of Joe Biden's failed "Disinformation Governance Board," Nina Jankowicz, is mad at Fox News for the network's reporting on the president's scheme to influence information that Americans can access.

She says the network injured her by describing the board, and her work, wrongly.

So she wants to sue Fox.

And she wants you to pay for it.

She asks that people contribute to her so she can sue Fox for its statements about her and the board, and the entire government censorship controversy.

WND had reported only weeks ago that members of the U.S. Senate were accusing Biden's handlers of concealing details about their censorship schemes.

The accusations involve Biden's planned, and now failed, Disinformation Governance Board, a program that purportedly was discontinued when the strategy came to light.

It was supposedly a government operation that would review and declare certain statements, even opinions, "disinformation" and rule that it be censored.

It's already known that the Biden administration had multiple channels to foundations to complain about social media statements it disliked.

Those foundations then would, acting on behalf of the government, lobby social media companies to censor those views.

The scenario raises many First Amendment questions, as the government is forbidden from censoring private speech.

It was at that point that Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Josh Hawley of Missouri accused the Biden administration of concealing critical details about the board in documents provided to the senators.

"In a Thursday letter to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Grassley and Hawley said the Department of Homeland Security heavily redacted documents requested by the pair in June regarding the board and its relationship with social media platforms," JihadWatch documented.

"Based on our review of this material, it appears that many of the redactions are applied to pre-decisional and deliberative process material. We remind you that the oversight letters we send to the Executive Branch are signed in our capacity as sitting members of Congress, a separate and co-equal branch of government," the senators wrote.

The "board" developed as one of the latest scandals of the Biden administration.

Spencer's new report pointed out Jankowiczc is "really throwing the kitchen sink into this one."

"She claims that Fox News’ negative coverage of it spread lies about her, endangered her life as she was inundated with death threats, and even interfered with her ability to bond with her newborn son," the report said.

She is "asking for donations to help her sue the beast that ruined her life."

In the video, "Jankowicz asserts that this entity, complete with its sinister name, was entirely benign," the report said.

"My role was to make sure different entities across DHS were coordinated, to bring the latest research to bear in the department, and to help the department ensure that its policies about its existing counter disinformation work were grounded in American values: privacy, civil rights and civil liberties. That’s all the board was. It didn’t have the ability or the authority to act on its own," she said.

But there were accusations her work essentially involved Biden's "Ministry of Truth," she said.

The problem, the report noted, is that, "Jankowicz doesn’t have a stellar reputation for honesty. The Daily Caller noted Thursday that she has been caught 'spreading disinformation about the Hunter Biden laptop, the debunked Steele Dossier and former Trump advisor Carter Page.'"

And the report noted no less than DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas promised the board was to "more effectively combat this threat not only to election security, but to our homeland security."

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