Chicago violence spirals, 7 killed in one neighborhood in 12 hours

The violence in our city streets continues, yet these are the headlines Democrats refuse to discuss.

In a matter of hours, seven people were killed in Chicago, including a pregnant woman.

The Shootings

According to reports, the shootings were an act of gang-retaliation.

Police stated in all, there were three separate attacks.

One of the attacks took place on a city street, when a jeep pulled up next to another vehicle and opened fire.

A second attack took place at a local restaurant, where four men fell victim to the violence.

Shortly after that shooting, a pregnant woman was found dead in an apartment complex, the victim of a gunshot wound to the head.

Liberal Mayor Speaks

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has turned what was once a proud city into the murder capital of the United States, gave a rather interesting statement on the shootings.

“There is a level of evil and depravity about an individual [who] would shoot a pregnant woman. There is a level of evil and depravity of an individual who would walk into a restaurant and, in front of a mother, shoot her sons.”

Did you happen to notice there was no mention of banning weapons? There was no mention of a hate crime?

The Ignored Story

The facts here are undebatable.

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in our country, yet Americans are falling victim to gun violence at an alarming rate within that city.

Chicago’s elected representatives have allowed crime to run rampant as well as making it one of the top sanctuary cities in our country.

Chicago’s elected representatives have forgotten about the citizens that pay taxes and are more worried about making headlines rather than making a difference.

Most disturbingly, though, is the fact this story is virtually ignored in the media because it is not a race hate crime or a school shooting where conservatives and the NRA can be blamed.

Far more people in our country, specifically minorities, are victims to this type of crime, but is not a sexy headline, so the media ignores it.

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The fact is that it is shameful that our elected representatives are so worried about making headlines and scoring political points that they ignore the far larger problems we have in this country.

Chicago is a war zone, and it has been enabled by its mayor… yet that very same mayor is one of the leading candidates to run for president on the Democrat ticket come 2020.

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