Chicago turns airport into migrant shelter

October 2, 2023
Robert Ayers

The city of Chicago, Illinois, has decided to turn one of America's major airports into a shelter for illegal immigrants. 

"Hidden behind a heavy black curtain in one of the nation’s busiest airports is Chicago’s unsettling response to a growing population of asylum-seekers arriving by plane," the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

The airport that has been turned into a migrant shelter is the O'Hare International Airport.

The Associated Press continues, "Hundreds of migrants, from babies to the elderly, live inside a shuttle bus center at O’Hare International Airport’s Terminal 1. They sleep on cardboard pads on the floor and share airport bathrooms. A private firm monitors their movements."


This all relates to President Joe Biden's open borders policy, which has resulted in record-breaking illegal immigration via the southern border.

It is true that Chicago is nowhere near the southern border. So, you may be wondering how the southern border crisis has managed to reach the city.

The answer is Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R). To help northern state Democrats understand the consequences of the open border policies for which they advocate, Abbott has bused a large number of migrants to such cities as Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

Now, these cities are experiencing first-hand why many Americans are against illegal immigration, namely, because resources are limited.

One of the major questions that these cities have faced, as they have received more and more migrants, is how to provide shelter for these individuals. New York, for example, has chosen hotels. Chicago, however, has gone with airports.

Airports? Really?

Even the leftist Associated Press has pointed out that "Chicago’s use of airports is unusual." The outlet notes that other cities have "rejected" the idea because it raises "concerns about safety."

The Associated Press, in its report, even went so far as to call Chicago's decision to house illegal immigrants in airports as "haphazard."

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) responded to the criticism through his first deputy chief of staff, Chistina Pacione-Zayas.

She said:

Is it perfect? No. But what we have done is stood in our values to ensure that we live up to operationalizing a sanctuary city. We will continue to work on it, but we are holding the line.

We'll see how long it is before Chicago changes its mind. The city has received roughly 14,000 illegal immigrants in the past year, and most of these migrants have arrived via Abbott.

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