Chicago suffers dramatic rise in gun violence, murder in July: Report

The Windy City saw a massive rise in gun violence and murder as the city was swept by riots and social unrest through the month of July, as the Daily Caller reports.

Chicago suffered 105 murders over the course of the month, an increase of 139% from July of 2019, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The tally of 406 shootings represents a 75% increase from the same period last year, the Sun-Times notes.

Violence grips Chicago

The rising violence has prompted police in Chicago to launch a new task force to address the situation, according to the Sun-Times, but this comes amid widespread calls from the left to defund and dismantle law enforcement agencies across the country.

While the beleaguered Chicago police attempt to restore law and order amid the chaos gripping the city, Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) is loudly resisting offers of federal assistance from the Trump administration — and doing so for purely political reasons.

In July, President Donald Trump ordered 200 federal agents to Chicago to help quell ongoing unrest despite objections from the mayor, as the Daily Caller noted, but Lightfoot was adamant that she would not permit them to “terrorize” her residents.

Lightfoot remains defiant

While Lightfoot plays politics with the lives of her constituents, her city is slowly being crippled by the unprecedented violence, and yet, as far as she is concerned, Trump’s actions constitute blatant sexism.

Mayor Lightfoot said during a speech last month, “The president has been on a campaign now for some time against Democratic mayors across the country. Whether it’s me, whether it’s Keisha Lance Bottoms in Atlanta, whether it’s Muriel Bowser in Washington, D.C., whether it’s Jenny Durkan in Seattle – do you see a common theme here?”

The mayor may want to be careful about making such accusations, however; while it is true that Seattle, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. are currently governed by females, those cities are certainly not the only ones to witness unacceptable chaos and unrest in recent weeks.

Portland, Oregon, has been particularly hard-hit by lawless rioters, and Mayor Lightfoot perhaps should be reminded that the mayor of that city is male, as is the leader of Minneapolis, which experienced massive destruction due to protests that turned violent earlier this summer.

Failure of leadership

While Mayor Lightfoot’s allegations of sexism against the president carry no water, she did inadvertently point out a worrying pattern — namely, that Democratic mayors of America’s major cities have shown themselves unable to lead.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Muriel Bowser, Jenny Durkan, Lori Lightfoot, Ted Wheeler, and Jacob Frey are all Democrats who have failed in their duty to maintain law and order and to protect their citizens.

Voters who have suffered through the violence and destruction need to take a step back and look at the role these mayors played in allowing it to happen, and if they continue to cast their ballots for Democrats, they only have themselves to blame for the results.

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