Chicago mayor blames city’s violence on Republicans

With the rising attacks against the Second Amendment after the most recent slew of mass shootings, Ted Cruz has found himself the defender of the cause.

After Cruz cited Chicago as an example of how excessive gun control laws don’t work, Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, blamed the violence in her city on Republicans.

The Bloodbath in Chicago Continues

By early Sunday morning, there were almost two dozen shootings that occurred over the holiday weekend in Chicago. When that stretch was officially over, more than 40 shootings and seven fatalities were notched up on the board

Early Monday, Senator Ted Cruz sent out a tweet countering the calls for gun control, specifically citing Chicago as an example of how these laws don’t work.

Chicago’s mayor did not take kindly to Cruz using her city as an example of the ineffectiveness of gun control measures already on the books.

She not only accused Republicans causing the gun violence in her city, but she also told Cruz to keep the city’s name out of his mouth!

Always Pointing the Finger

Democrats seem to have a really hard time taking responsibility for anything these days.

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election, it was the Russians that cost her the presidency. Every time Bill Clinton had an affair, it was always the fault of the woman. A mass shooting happens, and they blame the weapon, not the person.

Now, a city that has been run into the ground for decades by Democrats is actually blaming Republicans for the mess they created!

Every day, Democrats get more extreme. As proof, look at the recent decision by a board of San Francisco officials declaring the National Rifle Association a terrorist group.

This is a city that is becoming overrun with drugs, homelessness, and crime, and its leaders are conducting a publicity stunt against an organization that defends the Second Amendment. Sooner or later, Americans are going to need to realize the Democrat way of doing things simply does not work.

If we allow them to regain the control of the Senate or, God forbid, the White House, they will drag the entire country down into this deadly fantasy of theirs, and the United States will never be the same again.

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