Chicago: 6 killed, 32 wounded in weekend violence

The streets of Chicago continue to have blood flow down them.

During this past weekend, six more people were reportedly killed, with an additional 32 wounded in shootings throughout Chicago.

The Facts

Sadly, most of the victims in these shootings were not gang members fighting it out, but innocent bystanders caught in the disgrace that has become Chicago.

A 13-year-old boy was shot in the shoulder on Saturday night.

A 16-year-old boy was shot in the face on Sunday afternoon.

He would die later that day in the hospital.

Of course, there was also some gang violence.

A 21-year-old alleged gang member was shot twice on the street and is currently in critical condition.

The Mayor

The mayor presiding over this disgrace is Rahm Emanuel.

Mind you, this is one of the names that has been thrown out by Democrats as a possible presidential candidate in 2020 or 2024.

As these shootings were taking place, Emanuel was welcoming 100 new police recruits to the department.

It is shocking anyone would want to be a police officer in city overrun with undocumented immigrants and gang crime, so these officers truly deserve a pat on the back.

This is a mayor that has openly defied the President of the United States by making his city a sanctuary city.

This is a mayor that continuously puts the citizens of his city on the backburner to defend undocumented immigrants.

Emanuel did his best to deflect the violence as well as making it sound like he needed more police on his streets to control the violence.

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During the ceremony, Emanuel stated, “I’m proud that we’re adding 1,000 new officers on top of the 12,5000. But I’m also equally proud of the record 32,000 kids in summer jobs this summer.”

It is just a shame they will have to fear for their lives when the are on their way to work every day.

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