Memorial Day weekend starts off bloody in Chicago: 4 dead, 23 shot

Chicago seems more like a third-world country these days than a city in the United States.

As of Sunday morning, four people were shot dead and another 23 were wounded to start the Memorial Day holiday.

Ramadan in Chicago

The numbers in Chicago over the years have mimicked the deaths we have seen attributed to ISIS-supporting groups during Ramadan.

In just two days, four people lost their lives to violence on the streets of Chicago.

So far this year, over 1,000 people have been shot.

Of those, 164 were killed.

May is not even closed out yet, and more than 40 people have been murdered in the city this month alone.

The city is on pace to have more than 400 murders this year, again, which is completely unacceptable.

Time to Intervene

President Trump has offered help on several occasions, but even the feds can’t seem to get that city under control.

Both the FBI and ATF have sent additional agents to aid the Chicago Police Department, but bodies are still falling.

The city recently added roughly 1,000 new officers to its police force and has a steady flow of candidates enrolling in its academy, but it is still not enough.

This is all happening in a city whose mayor continues to defy the President.

Rahm Emanuel has turned the entire city into a sanctuary city, but nobody seems to see the connection.

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Now, with the summer season just getting started, tourists are going to have to fear for their lives when they visit this city.

The time has come for serious measures to be taken to get Chicago under control.

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