Records indicate most of Rep. Cheney’s re-election campaign donations are from out-of-state donors

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), formerly a top member of the House GOP leadership team, is on the verge of losing a primary election due to her controversial vote in support of former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment and participation in the highly partisan anti-Trump House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021.

Recent reports now indicate that a substantial portion of the funds raised for Cheney’s seemingly doomed re-election campaign has come from out-of-state donors, many of whom are Democrats, and not from her actual constituents in Wyoming, Breitbart reported.

That news comes as polling indicates that Cheney is poised to lose by double-digits in Wyoming’s August 16 primary to her Trump-endorsed challenger, Harriet Hageman.

Cashing in with California

According to the Los Angeles Times, Rep. Cheney has raised about $1.2 million from around 1,100 Californians, many of whom are wealthy Democratic elitists from Hollywood and Silicon Valley, per data from the Federal Election Commission.

That $1.2 million from Californians is roughly one-tenth of the $13 million total Cheney raised through June 30, the most from any state, and far more than the astonishingly low $260,000 she has raised from around 200 Wyoming residents.

In reality, Cheney has potentially received even more than that $1.2 million figure from California, as the Times noted that the figure only included itemized donations from donors who gave $200 or more, per FEC disclosure requirements, and also did not include donations from political action committees or joint fundraising groups.

The Times further noted that, according to the FEC as of the end of June, Hageman has raised approximately $3.7 million overall, of which only about $155,000 has come from California donors.

Cash flows from Colorado donors, too

A similar, albeit significantly smaller situation, has developed with donations to Rep. Cheney from Coloradans, according to the Colorado Sun, which reported that around 400 Colorado donors had given more than $363,000 to Cheney compared to fewer than 140 Coloradans who gave less than $165,000 to Hageman.

Also similar to what has occurred with California, the Sun noted that many of Cheney’s Colorado donors were wealthy elitists who are either Democrats or are aligned with the Trump-hating political establishment.

That report from the Sun further noted that, according to the FEC as of July 27, Cheney had raised around $15 million overall compared to just $4.4 million for Hageman.

Trailing challenger Hageman by 22 points, only 27 percent job approval

Yet, despite that substantial difference in fundraising, Rep. Cheney appears to be on the brink of being ousted from Congress by her own voters, as the Casper Star-Tribune reported in mid-July that its poll of 1,100 registered voters in the state showed that Hageman was favored over Cheney by a margin of 52-30 percent.

That poll further revealed that only 27 percent approved of Cheney’s job performance — 66 percent disapprove — and the main complaints put forward by Wyoming voters were Cheney’s vote for Trump’s impeachment and participation in the House Jan. 6 Committee, which those voters viewed as distractions that negatively impacted her ability to deal with the state’s issues and satisfy her constituents’ desires and demands.

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