Chelsea Clinton hints at potential future run for office

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary and former President Bill Clinton, said she doesn’t “have any plans to run for office” currently, but didn’t rule it out for the future.

As for Hillary Clinton’s plans, Chelsea Clinton said her mother hasn’t said anything to her about running in 2020.

No current plans

“I think if someone were to step down or retire and I thought I could do a good job and it matched my talents, I’d have to think if it’s the right choice for me,” Clinton told The Journal News/lohud.

Clinton was asked about the “record number” of women running for office in the 2018 elections, and why her name wasn’t on that list.

“I don’t have any plans to run for office, but it is something I think about as I hope every young person thinks about it. If you care about what’s happening in the world, you have to care about running for and holding elected office. I hope it’s a question that we ask ourselves,” she replied

“For me, I live in a neighborhood in the city and in a state where I feel my family, and what I hope for the world, is well-represented,” Clinton continued. “It’s at the national level where I disagree deeply with President Trump on, I think, everything practically.”

She proceeded to explain how she was satisfied with the current crop of liberal politicians that represent her, and added, “For now, I am really focused on trying to make the change I want to see in the world through my work in the foundation, my writing, and my teaching.”

While she may not be making laws right now, the former first daughter is busy teaching her liberal ideals to children. Clinton’s newest children’s book, “Start Now! You Can Make a Difference,” is written for “the youngest activists among us,” and covers topics such as “health, hunger, climate change, endangered species and bullying.”

Mom hasn’t talked about running again

Asked specifically to address the speculation that her mother was considering mounting yet another run for the presidency, Clinton said her mother was keeping herself busy with current projects, including a TV drama with director Steven Spielberg and her work to combat elephant poaching.

She added, “I support my mom in whatever she wants to do, but she’s never once mentioned (another presidential run) to me.”

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Chelsea Clinton isn’t about to throw her hat in the political arena in time for the 2020 election, but she certainly didn’t rule out doing so at some point down the road.

Whether there would be a solid enough base for Clinton to draw support from for a run for political office is another question altogether, but if she is seriously considering a political run in the future, odds are there are already people digging into that question on her behalf.

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