Chelsea Clinton defends Kavanaugh daughters, tells people to leave them alone

In a surprising move, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton actually did something very classy.

After seeing several attacks against Kavanaugh’s daughters, Clinton stood tall to demand that everyone leave them out of the current political cycle, tweeting:

Cheap Shots

There was a time when everyone respected the unwritten rule of leaving the children of political figures out of politics.

But that all changed in 2016, when several high-profile celebs had no problems attacking now-President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron, who still isn’t even a teenager yet.

Rosie O’Donnell even suggested on Twitter that Barron has autism.

Since then, several other lowlifes have used the first son as a way to garner headlines.

And now, with allegations against Kavanaugh dominating the news cycle, some political pundits are using the nominee’s daughters as the butt of their not-so-funny jokes.

This includes Chris Britt, the cartoonist who Chelsea Clinton was referring to in her tweet defending the Kavanaugh kids — and others have followed Clinton’s lead.

Innocent Victims

The Kavanaugh family has suffered greatly because of the accusations lodged against their patriarch by at least three women in claims that have not been substantiated.

We have seen reports of Mrs. Kavanaugh being harassed in both public and private for being married to a “rapist.”

Additionally, Judge Kavanaugh himself expressed concern over the threats directed toward his daughters.

Regardless of how the Kavanaugh nomination plays out, his girls may be traumatized forever.

These are innocent young children who have been both harassed and threatened due to claims against their father that even the FBI could not corroborate.

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Disturbingly, few Democrats other than Chelsea have come to these girls’ defense.

What a shame.

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