Chelsea Clinton tells Democrats to condemn Farrakhan’s racist tirade

Finally, someone in the Democrat party had the guts to speak out against Louis Farrakhan.

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton blasted his most recent hateful comments about Jews as “anti-Semitic, wrong and dangerous.”

If It Looks Like a Duck…

For some reason, Farrakhan has been able to spew his hate speech for decades without little repercussion.

Even more amazing is the fact many high-profile Democrats have hobnobbed with him for the sake of votes.

Farrakhan’s comments about Jewish people were about as bad as it gets.

He literally compared them to termites … and his audience laughed.

The “minister” also called them stupid … and his audience laughed.

Where is the Outrage?

While we absolutely respect Chelsea Clinton for coming forward with her remarks, we have to wonder: Where is the rest of the outrage?

Just picture Farrakhan’s statements coming out of the mouth of Trump and imagine how quickly it would have made the headlines and lead story of every major outlet.

Farrakhan may not be president, but he is deemed a powerful leader by the media, so why no outrage?

That very same media has not had a problem labeling Trump a racist, yet they constantly steer away from making the same claim against Farrakhan.

This is a dangerous man that feeds off hate and every politician, Democrats and Republicans alike, should be condemning his statements today.

Sadly, simply because they are afraid of how they will be perceived, they are scared to utter a single word against him.

With all of that in mind, Chelsea Clinton’s next comments should be made to her father, former President Bill Clinton.

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You see, Bill Clinton shared a stage with Farrakhan as recently as September and he, along with Hillary Clinton, have associated with this despicable human being on more than on occasion.

The elder Clintons should be as disgusted by Farrakhan’s hateful remarks as their daughter is … but we all know that will never happen.

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