Chelsea Clinton reportedly raking in millions via lucrative board position

Surprise, another former Democrat first child is getting rich off the name of her parents.

New reports showed Chelsea Clinton has made roughly $9 million from being appointed to the board of a media and internet investment company in 2011. 

Cashing in

Unlike the Trumps, the Clintons and Bidens have made their fortunes in politics exclusively. In the case of Chelsea Clinton, she was too young to cash in on her father’s presidency while he was in the White House, but she did pretty well while her mother was the Secretary of State.

Chelsea Clinton, as it turns out, was appointed to a board position in 2011 for the IAC/InterActiveCorp. For her troubles, Chelsea was paid a yearly retainer and $250,000 in stock.

According to The Hill, “Clinton has profited handsomely as a board member for IAC/InterActiveCorp, a media and internet investment company that has an ownership stake in 150 well-known brands, such as Vimeo, Tinder, Angie’s List and Home Advisor.”

The return on IAC’s stock has been significantly above the market, netting her almost $9 million as of December 2019.

Fox News also reported that SEC filings show Chelsea Clinton also holds a position on the board of travel technology company Expedia, and that she has raked in close to $100,000 worth of stock in the company since 2017.

What does Chelsea do?

Like Hunter Biden’s controversial board position at Ukrainian energy giant Burisma, Clinton’s role at IAC is very unclear. Additionally, it’s worth noting that IAC and Expedia are both chaired by Clinton mega-donor, Barry Diller.

SEC filings indicate that Clinton was brought on to the board for her “broad public policy experience and keen intellectual acumen, which together the Board believes continue to bring a fresh and youthful perspective to IAC’s businesses and initiatives.”

Most of Chelsea Clinton’s prior experience is related to her work at the Clinton Foundation, which boasts that Chelsea contributed “to drive the vision and programmatic objectives” of the charity.

What we do know, however, is that while Chelsea was allegedly empowering women and fighting for justice throughout the world at the Clinton Foundation, her mother was breaking bread with dictators that have enough human rights violations in their history to fill the local library.

We also know that today, the Clinton Foundation is an epic failure, fighting to keep its doors open because donations are about 10 percent of what they were when Hillary was in office.

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