Sexual assault charges dropped against Kevin Spacey

Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has managed to dodge another bullet.

One of Spacey’s accusers, an 18-year-old man, exercised his Fifth Amendment rights during the trial, refusing to answer questions about a missing cellphone, so the charges against Spacey were dropped.

The Missing Cell Phone

The phone in the case allegedly held some key evidence. According to earlier reports, there were messages on the phone that would have been relevant to the case.

However, during his July 8 testimony, the alleged victim’s father stated he did not know the location of the cell phone.

The alleged victim was then told by his attorney that without those messages, his options were limited.

One option available would be to plead the Fifth during his own testimony, but that would mean the trial would not be able to move forward.

The Messages

There was much focus on the phone because there may have been some less than flattering information on there about the alleged victim.

The messages were apparently first discovered by the mother of the victim.

She stated she was just a “mother who was looking through her son’s phone.” Some of the things she discovered on the boy’s phone she found to be disturbing.

She then deleted some of the messages and information from her son’s phone but maintains nothing relevant to the case had been deleted.

In addition to the state’s case, the civil case against Spacey has also been dropped. The family did so “with prejudice,” meaning they can refile the case at a later date if desired.

For now, unfortunately, Kevin Spacey gets to walk away from the scandal relatively unscathed.

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