Texas man charged with making ‘terrorist threat’ after tweeting intention to murder SCOTUS justices following abortion ruling

The Supreme Court issued several decisions in recent weeks that were significant defeats for the Democratic agenda, and some individuals on the left have had an extraordinarily difficult time accepting and coping with the stunning political losses.

One of those is a 20-year-old Texas man named Mikeal Archambault, who was arrested and charged with making a “terrorist threat” to murder all nine justices on the Supreme Court, Fox News reported.

Archambault was arrested on June 25 by The Colony Police Department after that local law enforcement agency had been informed of the threat by the FBI.

Unfortunately, Archambault was promptly released from the Denton County Jail the very next day after he was allowed to post a $25,000 bond.

Threatened to use the rifle to murder justices

According to CBS News, the threat from Archambault appeared in a post to his now-deleted Twitter account just hours after the Supreme Court issued its ruling in the Dobbs case that overruled the federal abortion rights precedent set by 1973’s Roe v. Wade decision.

The since-deleted tweet from Archambault that garnered the attention of law enforcement read: “I’m finna kill everyone in the SUPREME COURT with my ak47.”

Screenshots of the threat went viral online and, according to a spokesman for the local police, the FBI had alerted local law enforcement to what had occurred and the belief that, as the post indicated, the suspect lived in The Colony, a community near the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Fox News reported that a spokesperson for the police said in a statement, “TCPD was contacted by the FBI regarding online Twitter threats toward the Supreme Court. In conjunction with the FBI, TCPD Criminal Investigative Division conducted an investigation and obtained probable cause for an arrest warrant. The suspect was arrested at his residence.”

Just one of many making threats against Supreme Court justices

The threatening tweet and arrest had first been reported by Libs of TikTok, a Twitter account and website famous for highlighting the readily available and publicly-posted insanity of members of the ideological left.

To be sure, while it is certainly a good thing that Archambault’s threat was noticed and dealt with before he had an opportunity to potentially act on it for real, the Libs of TikTok site noted that there are countless other angry Democrats and online activists who have made similar threats of violence against the Supreme Court or specific justices who have not been held accountable for their actions.

This arrest of Archambault comes just a few weeks after a California man was arrested near the Maryland home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh following an aborted assassination attempt that had been spurred by the early-May leak of the draft Dobbs opinion nearly two months before its formal release.

That man now faces serious federal charges of attempted murder after he was apprehended dressed in all-black clothing and in possession of a handgun, extra magazines, a knife, and numerous other items that would be deemed useful in attempting to kidnap and murder one or more individuals.

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