San Francisco GOP chair hopes to unseat Pelosi in November: She ‘needs to be held to account’

San Francisco GOP chairman John Dennis is once again running for Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’s House seat this fall, hoping that his party’s anger over impeachment will lead to higher voter turnout in November — turnout that could send him over the edge in his attempt to remove the House speaker from office.

Dennis told One America News Network (OAN) in a video published Friday that quality of life in his home district has deteriorated during the time Pelosi has been representing it in Congress, and he blames it on the results of long-term one-party rule there.

Under one-party rule, Dennis says, “you end up having the more extreme elements controlling that party, ultimately. If you’re not with them, you’re immoral.”

He went on: “Nancy Pelosi needs to be held to account. I hope to do that.”

Residents leaving California

Dennis pointed out that residents have been moving out of California to states like Texas and Florida because of left-wing policies like high taxes and burdensome regulations on both people and businesses.

San Francisco has also developed quite a homelessness problem under Pelosi’s tenure. Maps now exist detailing where there are human feces on the streets due to failure by the local government to alleviate the problem.

Besides these issues, Dennis is also hoping that furiousness over the impeachment of President Donald Trump, which was driven in large part by Pelosi, will drive voters to his side this fall, he told OAN. Take a look:

Pelosi leaving Congress?

For her part, Pelosi has been serving in the California congressional district that includes San Francisco since 1987. Dennis ran against her in the 12th District for the first time in 2010, then again in 2012 and 2014. He also ran for San Francisco’s general assembly in 2018, but lost.

Recently, though, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) endorsed Dennis, which may help him gain some traction in the heavily Democrat district.

Still, the GOP chairman has an uphill battle to defeat Pelosi. After all, there’s a reason someone as extreme as Pelosi could have remained in office for more than 30 years; her district is just as extreme as she is.

While Pelosi’s seat is probably not too vulnerable, her speakership may be, however — especially after the failure that was Dems’ attempt to impeach Trump. But only time will tell.

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