Soros’ Central European University forced out of Hungary

The government of Hungary just dealt another blow to liberal billionaire and philanthropist George Soros.

The Soros-founded Central European University (CEU) announced that it was being forced to leave Hungary under an “arbitrary eviction.”

The Long Battle

Viktor Orbán, the nationalist prime minister of Hungary, has been targeting Soros-connected institutions for some time now.

Orbán started by trying to ban non-governmental organization (NGOs).

In fact, there was specific legislation put in place, known as the “Stop Soros” bill to address this very issue.

Several stipulations were put on CEU to make it more difficult for the University to operate in Hungary.

The university said it had met all of these stipulations, but the Hungarian government apparently does not agree.

Rector Michael Ignatieff, who serves as the president of CEU, was extremely upset when told he had to pack up and leave the country.

Ignatieff stated, “CEU has been forced out. This is unprecedented.”

“A U.S. institution has been driven out of a country that is a NATO ally. A European institution has been ousted from a member state of the EU,” he added.

He went on to call the move a “violation of academic freedom.”

Soros money at work

For decades, Soros, a Hungarian-American, has been accused of trying to create chaos and civil upheaval to promote his leftist agenda around the globe.

In many of these instances, this is happening in countries where Soros has no interest or has no immediate ties.

A recent example of this was Soros enlisting celebrities to promote the legalization of abortion in Ireland.

His efforts worked, as 68 percent of the people voted in favor of repealing Ireland’s 8th Amendment, which had outlawed abortion.

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Orbán has never tried to hide his dislike of Soros and what he believes to be his ultimate goal.

The Hungarian prime minister once stated, “[The Soros network’s] aim is to build a Europe of mixed population and to condemn the Hungarian government for opposing their view on migration.”

Earlier this year, Orbán’s government succeeded in pressuring Soros’ Open Society Foundation to leave Hungary for Berlin.

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