CEO of CBS forced out over sexual misconduct allegations

Decades-old allegations just took out one of the most powerful media executives in the country.

Les Moonves, the longtime CEO of CBS, was forced to resign this weekend after months of controversy with six women coming forward to make sexual misconduct allegations against him.


CBS as a company has been very much involved in supporting the #MeToo movement.

The company recently donated a massive $20 million to the cause.

Apparently, some women looked at that as a bit hypocritical and called out Moonves.

According to the allegations, Moonves regularly requested oral sex and exposed himself to the women without their consent.

Moonves has completely denied the allegations made against him.

He called the allegations “untrue” and said that type of behavior is “not consistent” with who he is as a person.

No Ill Will

While being forced to resign his position, Moonves did so with surprising grace.

In his resignation announcement, he talked about the “privilege” it was to lead CBS over the last few decades.

While expressing his sadness at leaving the company, he saluted current and past employees responsible for the success of the network.

Abuse of Power

Allegations such as those against Moonves are becoming all too common these days in powerful Democrat circles.

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These are the same people constantly lecturing us on oppressive behavior by conservatives and social injustices.

Yet, behind the scenes, it appears many of these individuals are ruling their workplaces like monarchs.

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