Celebrity gossip mill halted over debunked rumored romance involving celebrity real estate broker Jason Oppenheim and pro tennis star Eugenie Bouchard

 January 18, 2024

There were recently rumors that a reality TV star real estate broker and a rising star professional tennis player had joined together as the latest celebrity couple, but that gossip has since been debunked.

It has been confirmed through inside sources and social media posts that "Selling Sunset" star Jason Oppenheim, 46, is not dating Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard, 29, according to the Daily Mail.

Speculation that the two celebrities had become a romantic pair swirled after they both shared on social media a photo of them sitting together in a vehicle with matching designer shoes.

"They're just friends"

Various celebrity gossip sites and forums ran wild with rumors earlier this week that Oppenheim and Bouchard had become a couple after they both posted a picture to their respective social media accounts that featured them with their feet touching while wearing the same Prada loafers.

Those same sites and forums already kept close tabs on Oppenheim's love life, as the elite real estate broker in Los Angeles with his own reality TV show on Netflix has often been spotted courting a variety of attractive younger women for brief periods before moving on to the next one.

Yet, almost as soon as the rumors of an Oppenheim-Bouchard coupling began to gain traction they were debunked as false by at least one inside source and other recent social media posts, per the Daily Mail, with the unnamed source clarifying that "They're just friends."

Oppenheim previously claimed he was taking a break from dating

The Daily Mail reported that Oppenheim appears to be single at the moment after previously being linked with German model Marie-Lou Nurk, with that relationship lasting less than a year despite prior reports that they were quite happy together.

When they reportedly split last May, the celebrity real estate broker told the outlet, "I'm just enjoying kind of taking a step back from dating. I'm not eager to be back into a relationship or anything serious."

Oppenheim added at the time, "I'm just enjoying my time right now. I'm genuinely happy. I'm not really dating."

Bouchard still dating Jack Brinkley-Cook

As for Bouchard, the Canadian tennis star has been romantically linked since mid-2022 to Jack Brinkley-Cook, 28, the son of former supermodel Christie Brinkley, 62, who has seemingly granted her approval to the young couple.

That was made evident over the New Year's holiday when Brinkley posted photos from a family vacation to the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean in which Jack and Genie were prominently featured together and clearly in love with one another.

Their continuing relationship appeared to be further confirmed just last week in a report from Sports Illustrated about how Bouchard, still in the Caribbean with the Brinkley family, participated for fun along with a few other celebrities in a local tennis tournament.

Several pictures and videos from the event showed Bouchard and Brinkley-Cook together both on and off the court and, again, there was little mistaking that they appear to be quite happy together.

That was substantially different than just one year earlier when the tennis pro played in the 2023 Australian Open -- a Grand Slam tournament for which she failed to qualify this year -- though she arguably had more fun playing in the relaxed local tournament alongside her boyfriend this year than in the far more serious and pressure-filled major competition last year.

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