CDC stresses importance of children returning to classrooms this fall

The latest power struggle between Republicans and Democrats centers on the question of whether in-person instruction should happen in schools this fall, with many on the left claiming that the administration is disregarding “science” by advocating for re-opening.

For its part, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently provided a comprehensive explanation of why it is critical for students to return to the classroom, as Townhall reports, but that is not to say that Democrats will be persuaded.

The false narrative

Democrats have gone to great lengths to argue that President Donald Trump has been ignoring the the recommendations of scientists and medical professionals throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but there is little evidence to support that contention.

When a number of prominent experts claimed that COVID-19 presented little threat to the United States, President Trump took the extraordinary step of halting travel from China as well as a host of other nations as the crisis escalated.

President Trump has always attempted to project a sense of optimism that the virus would be overcome relatively quickly, though the mainstream media establishment has used his hopefulness against him, claiming that he was downplaying the severity of the danger and disregarding expert opinion.

Democrats would also like everyone to believe that the president has failed to promote the use of masks as a coronavirus prevention measure, but early in the pandemic, he actually recommended using scarves as a face covering for those who could not purchase masks, and journalists mocked him for it.

Follow the science

Fast-forward several months, and President Trump is now advocating for the re-opening of America’s schools, much to the consternation of Democrats, who are accusing him of using the nation’s children as political pawns and endangering the lives of students and teachers alike.

Several recent studies and research reviews, however, have suggested that it is extremely rare for children to transmit COVID-19 to each other or to adults and that it is safe for them to return to schools, provided adequate precautions are in place.

The CDC appears to concur, recently posting on its own website that given these findings, it is critically important for in-person schooling to resume this fall.

By mandating the wearing of masks in school buildings, observing social distancing protocols, and implementing enhanced hygiene standards, it is possible for America’s students to return to a traditional learning environment.

The alternative option — keeping schools closed indefinitely — poses a host of other potentially more serious risks to children, including malnutrition, abuse, neglect, educational delay, and mental health concerns, according to the CDC, not to mention the financial ripple effects on working parents who are unable to stay home over the long term.

As such, the adamant insistence among Democrats that schools remain shuttered really does beg the question of exactly who is following the science, and who is pushing some other agenda.

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