Fans call for CBS drama to be investigated by Secret Service

Watch any TV centered around politics these days, and you’ll see veiled shot after shot being taken at President Donald Trump.

But CBS drama The Good Fight took things to a whole new level when they tweeted out a screenshot from the show that showed a clear, controversial message: “Assassinate President Trump.”

The photo attached to the tweet was reportedly pulled from an episode of the show, and depicted a list of words like “slaughter” and “Mueller.” The caption hinted about an “Easter egg.”

The since-deleted tweet has sparked outrage among Trump supporters, with some calling for a Secret Service investigation into the network.

Subliminal Messaging

Many years ago, there were accusations that movie theaters were using subliminal messaging on moviegoers to promote sales at concession stands.

The theaters were allegedly splicing in short pictures of soda and snacks to make those in the theater crave these items.

When CBS Twitter account for The Good Fight published a list with those words about Trump to promote an upcoming episode, more than a few people thought the network was using a similar technique to encourage violence against President Trump.

Several Twitter users even pointed to United States Code Title 18, Section 871, which specifically forbids threatening or causing harm to the President of the United States.

Not the First Time

This is not unchartered waters for the CBS drama series.

In an earlier episode, a character actually suggested assassinating President Trump.

Other prime time shows have also taken more than a few shots at President Trump and the administration’s policies.

For instance, during the family separations of illegals, Madame Secretary addressed the issue directly in an episode that painted politicians in office who support the enforcement of immigration laws as racists and right-wing zealots.

This is an issue that has long been a problem in this country.

There are few shows that openly support conservative views.

Most shows actually take a hardline stance of demonizing conservatives, which is why many believe the next generation of voters is so against conservatives and supporting groups like Antifa.

While the tweet will probably not generate a Secret Service investigation, it should, at the very least, make Americans more aware of how the conservative ideology is being attacked in every medium nowadays.

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