Catholic schools instructed not to enroll ‘transgender’ students

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Catholic archdiocese in Denver has instructed officials at its schools not to enroll students who say they are transgender, nor to recognize as “family” those couples made up of two men or two women.

The archdiocese, located in one of the most liberal states in the nation, where the governor lives in the state mansion with his male partner, marijuana is sold in hundreds of storefronts, government officials openly attack Christian beliefs and lawmakers arbitrarily decided this year that the unborn have no rights at all – ever, is warning of the danger to its faith.

The New York Daily News explained the archdiocese’s instructions to administrators of Catholic schools came in a series of guidelines on how to deal with LGBTQ issues.

“The 17-page document, which was confirmed by the archdiocese, is titled ‘Guidance for Issues Concerning the Human Person and Sexual Identity,’ and it warns school administrators that ‘the spread of gender ideology presents a danger to the faith of Christians,'” the report explained.

It explains that “a Catholic school cannot affirm a student’s identity as transgender, gender nonconforming, non-binary, gender-fluid, gender-queer, or any other term that rejects the reality of the student’s given male or female sexual identity.”

The report noted that the procedures say even if trans students and parents “agree with ‘relevant school rules,'” the situation remains impossible as the two sides are “working from irreconcilable premises and moving toward incompatible goals.”

So, even enrolling such students is “not appropriate.”

Further, parental requests for school officials to address their children by an inaccurate pronoun, for them to be allowed to use bathrooms that disagree with their sex, or attend school events “as a couple” must be refused.

And, the guidance explains, schools cannot “recognize ‘two mothers’ or ‘two fathers’ as a family structure.”

The Daily Mail noted that the instructions say if a currently enrolled student is acting out such a role, they should not be re-enrolled.

The requirements further extend to teachers who choose to adopt non-biblical lifestyles, the report added.

The archdiocese said, in a statement, “We don’t expect everyone to ascribe to a Catholic worldview, but we strongly reject attempts to paint our position as bigoted or unloving. It is precisely because of our love and reverence for the nature of the human person that we cannot stay quiet on this matter and must address what Pope Francis has said is the ‘ideological colonization’ taking place in our world today.”

LGBTQ activists insisted the church should bend its own moral compass to accommodate them.

Said Nadine Bridges, of a group called One Colorado, “When you are creating a space where some people can be accepted and other folks are not, then you are discriminating.”

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