‘Moral relativism’: Catholic leader slams Pelosi, pro-abortion Democrats in new essay

One Catholic Church leader had some tough words for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) this week.

In an essay published on Friday, Catholic League President Bill Donohue asserted that Pelosi’s pro-abortion platform “places her outside the Catholic community,” leading to speculation about monumental implications for her and progressive Catholics nationwide.

“Moral absolutes, not opinion”

The Catholic Church has become more vocal in its opposition to abortion and politicians who defend it, meaning pro-choice Democrats could find themselves on the outs with their church.

As Donohue explained, the church holds a position on the sanctity of life that leaves no room for the radical position man Democrats take regarding abortion rights.

“The pope recently said that abortion is ‘murder,’ and Archbishop Cordileone called it ‘child murder,'” he wrote. “Neither argued that it was his ‘view.’ Indeed, the pope said that ‘any book on embryology’ makes clear that life beings at conception.”

His essay went on to lay out the church’s clear teaching on the hot-button political issue.

“Those who oppose slavery and abortion rest their case on moral absolutes, not opinion,” Donohue wrote. “Pelosi’s moral relativism places her outside the Catholic community.”

“A tool in political warfare”

It is clearly the position of the church that abortion is equivalent to the murder of unborn children, which means there is no way to defend the practice. For now, it remains unclear if or when Catholic leaders might move to impose ultimatums on parishioners who advocate for abortion rights.

With only a slim majority on Capitol Hill and evidence of a GOP resurgence in next year’s midterm elections, losing large swaths of Catholic voters could be devastating to the Democratic Party.

If a rift continues to open between Democrats and the Catholic church, the biggest losses could come from within the Hispanic community, which is seen as a critical voting bloc.

On a personal level, Pelosi and other pro-abortion politicians might want to tone down their rhetoric before it costs them dearly in both the political and spiritual realms.

Although some chruch leaders believe such elected officials should be denied communion, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy recently wrote that he felt that “the Eucharist is being weaponized and deployed as a tool in political warfare.”

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