Charlie Colin, founding member and bassist for the band Train, died in a slip-and-fall accident in the shower of a Brussels home, the Associated Press reported. The 58-year-old was housesitting for a friend at the time.

Colin played in a band called Apostles with singer Rob Hotchkiss and guitarist Jimmy Stafford following his education at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. That band dissolved, but the trio reunited to create Train along with lead singer Pat Monohan in San Francisco in the early 1990s.

Train band found success with its 1998 self-titled debut album. The single "Meet Virginia" made it into the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 that year.

Train went on to record "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)," which hit No. 5 and earned the band two Grammy awards. However, Colin left Train in 2003 due to his battle with substance abuse.

A Beloved Bandmate

Despite the problems that forced him to leave, Colin's Train bandmates spoke well of him following his death. "Charlie is one incredible bass player, but he was in a lot of pain, and the way he was dealing with it was very painful for everyone else around him," Monahan said.  

Train's official X account shared a black and white band photo with a touching tribute. "When I met Charlie Colin, front left, I fell in love with him," the post to X, formerly Twitter, said.

"He was THE sweetest guy, and what a handsome chap. Let’s make a band that’s the only reasonable thing to do. His unique bass playing a beautiful guitar work helped get folks to notice us in SF and beyond," the post continued.

"I’ll always have a warm place for him in my heart. I always tried to pull him closer but he had a vision of his own. You’re a legend, Charlie. Go charm the pants off those angels," the post concluded.

When I met Charlie Colin, front left, I fell in love with him. He was THE sweetest guy and what a handsome chap. Let’s make a band that’s the only reasonable thing to do. His unique bass playing a beautiful guitar work helped get folks to notice us in SF and beyond. I’ll always…

— train (@train) May 22, 2024

Colin's Struggles

It seems the success of Train was too much to handle for Colin, who was battling his own addiction demons. "There was a lot of things that led to me leaving, but it really escalated into it," Colin said in 2023, according to the New York Post.

"We never took a break. We drove our tour bus into the parking lot of the recording studio for our second and third record," Colin continued.

"In Philadelphia, we made our one-and-a-half record … We just never stopped," he added.

"It’s kind of one those things where you feel like this is too good to be true. Most bands have a lifespan of a few years," Colin said.

There's no evidence that the fall had anything to do with his past struggles with addiction. Still, it's a tragic loss that his family, friends, and fans will have to endure.

A SWAT team raided Sean Kingston's rented Florida 14,000-square-foot mansion on Thursday, where he lived with his mother, Janice Turner, Breitbart reported. Turner, 61, was arrested and charged with fraud as was her son.

The charges are related to an agreement the "Beautiful Girls" artist allegedly reneged on with a company that installed a massive television at the home. A federal lawsuit claims that he defrauded Ver Ver Entertainment after it installed a 232-inch TV based on fraudulent promises.

Kingston said he created promotions for the company with musician Justin Beiber, with whom he collaborated on "Eenie Meenie," in exchange for a lower rate and financing. The company agreed and accepted $30,000 on the $150,000 job and extended credit.

However, neither musician followed through on Kingston's promises and Ver Ver Entertainment filed a lawsuit in February. If convicted, this would not be the first time for Kingston, who is currently on a two-year probation after being convicted of trafficking stolen property.

A Family Affair

Crime may be a family affair, as Turner also allegedly has a criminal past. In 2006, she spent 16 months in prison after pleading guilty to fraud after bilking a bank out of $160,000.

The plaintiff attorney for Ver Ver Entertainment, Dennis Card, sees it as part of a pattern with Kingston and his family. "It is amazing what you can get away with if you are a celebrity," the attorney said.

"He creates this larger-than-life, 'I am rich' persona. His mother is a necessary component in this," Card claimed of the Jaimacan-born singer.

"He presents himself as a family-oriented guy, 'I’m taking care of my mom,' but she knows full well what is going on," Card said. While Kingston and Turner are implicated in this matter, Card made it clear that Bieber is not.

"He is 100% not involved in this," Card said of Bieber. "He had the misfortune of doing some work in the past with Sean, and Sean drops his name like crazy."

Kingston's Denial

After news broke of Turner's arrest, Kingston took to social media to deny any wrongdoing. "People love negative energy!" he posted Thursday to his Instagram.

"I am good, and so is my mother! … My lawyers are handling everything as we speak," Kingston added.

That post was taken down later, though it's unclear why or by whom. Perhaps it was related to Kingston's arrest later that day in California, where he was scheduled to perform, Variety reported.

The Broward County Sheriff’s Office, which initiated the raid and arrested Kingston's mother, reported that the arrests happened without incident. Kingston, whose real name is Kisean Paul Anderson, is being held temporarily in a San Bernadino prison.

Kingston hasn't had a hit album in more than a decade, so his financial situation may be bleak. However, there's no excuse to live a lavish lifestyle that he can no longer afford if it means defrauding others.

New York Governor Kathy Hokul (D) said Thursday on CNN that former President Donald Trump is wasting his time doing rallies in New York while on trial there, while President Joe Biden is "out there" winning over swing state voters. 

Host of "The Lead" Jake Tapper appeared concerned about Trump making inroads with minority voters, but Hokul laughed off the concern.

"What won’t make a difference at all Jake, ... is for Donald Trump to be the ringleader and invite all his clowns to a place like the Bronx. New York will never, ever support Donald Trump for president. We know him better than anyone and that means we understand what he’s all about is just for himself. So this state will go solidly behind Joe Biden for president as it has in the past.”

She is clearly trying to put a positive spin on polling that Trump appears to be gaining minority votes. An average of voters in swing states shows that 23% of Black voters there now back Trump, while only 9% did so in Biden's narrow 2020 victory.

Driving Democrats to distraction

These numbers are driving Democrats to distraction. They know that if Black middle-class and working-class voters defect to Trump in these numbers come November, Biden will lose, and may take key congressional races away from Democrats, too.

This is why Biden is in swing states while he knows Trump is stuck in New York--although the trial is almost over.

The entire Democrat party is trying to carry his water, Hokul included.

She continued, “So he wants to spend his time doing these made-up fake rallies and pretending there is support here be my guest because while you’re doing that, Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s out there on the other side, making sure he is delivering for all Americans. And so go ahead, spend all the time you want New York because we’ll be with Joe Biden. And Joe Biden is out their winning over the rest of the battleground states.”

It's a lovely fantasy, but they know better. They just can't admit it or the whole thing will fall apart.

Connecting with minorities

Trump probably isn't going to win New York, despite the crowd estimates of 10,000 to 25,000 for that Bronx rally on Thursday.

But he doesn't have to win New York. If he wins Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and maybe Wisconsin, he will likely pull enough electoral votes to win.

Connecting with minority voters in increasing numbers in any and every state can't hurt, either.

With close to six months until the election, there will be many developments that could change things to either side.

But Trump's chances are a lot better than they should be right now, and all the swing state campaigning in the world may not be able to save Biden from his own disastrous policies.

High Court Rejects Accusations Of Racist Intent In Redistricting

In a significant legal decision, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 against the proposition that South Carolina's congressional district map was racially biased. The justices concluded that the redistricting was driven by party politics, not racial discrimination.

The controversy centered on South Carolina's redrawing of its congressional districts following the 2020 census. Initial claims argued that the new map unfairly targeted black voters. Specifically, these claims highlighted the movement of over 30,000 black residents which shaped Congressional District No. 1.

This district was a focal point due to a decision by a three-judge District Court panel in January 2023, which labeled the new map as racially gerrymandered. This decision considered the redistribution a violation of the 14th Amendment, concluding it was racially motivated.

Supreme Court's Assessment Of District Court's Findings

However, upon review, the Supreme Court opined that the District Court’s findings were faulty. The majority opinion, spearheaded by Justice Samuel Alito, articulated that the evidence did not convincingly indicate racial motives. He stressed that distinguishing between racial and partisan motivations is essential in such constitutional challenges.

"First, a party challenging a map’s constitutionality must disentangle race and politics if it wishes to prove that the legislature was motivated by race as opposed to partisanship," Justice Alito wrote. He pointed out that the approach to assessing legislative work begins with a presumption of the legislature's good faith.

In his further remarks, Justice Alito criticized the District Court, suggesting it only paid "lip service" to critical legal standards and made "clearly erroneous" findings under the appropriate legal measures.

Political Elements In Judicial Decisions

The court's decision showcased the complexities involved when political and racial elements intersect in legal interpretations. This intersection was particularly pronounced in Justice Clarence Thomas’s concurring opinion, where he argued that such districting decisions should be left to politicians, reflecting a skepticism towards judicial involvement in matters he deemed should be politically resolved.

"Drawing political districts is a task for politicians, not federal judges," Justice Thomas expressed, arguing for the political branches’ exclusive domain over such issues. He emphasized the lack of judicial standards to manage claims related to districting methodically.

This sentiment underscores a broader ongoing debate about the role of the judiciary in political redistricting and the separation of powers within the United States governmental system.

Dissenting Opinions Highlight Conflicts

Meanwhile, in dissent, Justice Elena Kagan, joined by Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson, provided a starkly different view. Her pointed criticism of the majority underscored concerns over selective evidence interpretation and potential oversights in understanding the redistricting's dynamics.

"The majority picks and chooses evidence to its liking; ignores or minimizes less convenient proof," Justice Kagan lamented. She accused the majority of overstepping its bounds by disregarding the District Court’s credibility judgments and expertise in appraising expert opinions.

Justice Kagan’s dissent encapsulates the judicial tension and the different philosophical statutes that justices bring to such racially and politically charged cases.

Implications For Future Elections

The implications of this decision extend beyond the courtroom. It is set against the backdrop of Republican Rep. Nancy Mace’s victory in District No. 1 by a substantial margin in 2022, following the controversial redistricting.

In March 2023, despite the initial court ruling against the map, the contested map was allowed to be utilized in the 2024 elections, a decision driven by practical election deadlines. "The ideal must bend to the practical," the panel adjudged, highlighting the logistical challenges often intertwined with such legal disputes.

Senator Rick Scott has been in headlines lately after declaring his intent to be the man who replaces Mitch McConnell as America's Senate GOP later, and if Scott is to be believed, he's already got the support of one MASSIVE name behind him.

Rick Scott recently told The Washington Times that he consulted with former President Donald J. Trump about entering the race to replace McConnell, and said that Trump "was excited I'm getting in."

If that's a signal that Donald Trump will soon give an official endorsement to Rick Scott, that must be music to the ears of the Florida Republican.

Not yet 100%

Scott has already confirmed that this is NOT an official endorsement yet, but that he has "known the former president since before either of them left the business world to seek political office."

Mr. Scott wasted no time connecting with other Republicans around the country immediately after announcing his intent. As of May 23, Scott claims that he had already spoken to every single Republican Senator in America.

Vote coming up

The Senate Republican Conference will take place later this year, and that is where the GOP will cast their votes to select a new GOP leader for the next Congress.

While the field could certainly still grow before an official decision is made, the field is currently made up of three people: Scott, and Senators John Thune of South Dakota and John Cornyn of Texas. Neither Thune nor Cornyn are any stranger to high-profile positions in the senate, as they both have experience as the No. 2 in GOP leadership.

John Thune

Thune is considered an establishment candidate, and has been a Senator in South Dakota since 2005. He is currently the Senate minority whip, a post he's been in since 2021.

Thune's greatest political accomplishment may have been defeating sitting Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle back in 2004.

John Cornyn

John Cornyn III has been the senior United States senator from Texas since 2002. Before that, he served on the state's Supreme Court from 1991 to 1997 and was the attorney general of Texas from 1999 to 2002.

Cornyn is also considered to be an establishment candidate.

Rick Scott

Trump's friend from Florida jumped into the race because he thought that neither Cornyn nor Thune were a big enough departure from what the GOP has been getting out of Mitch McConnell lately.

Scott may be sitting pretty to get that endorsement from Donald Trump, as Scott has been approaching his run with a bit of a "drain the swamp" mentality, just like Donald Trump.

Do you think Trump is going to officially endorse Scott? Let us know your opinion by leaving us a comment in the discussion section below!

Democrats simply can't catch a break, but maybe that's what happens when you lie, cheat, and steal to try to get what you want. Just a short while ago, we were all talking about the perjury charges that Michael Cohen was facing, but now we're talking about another case of perjury, this time surrounding Hunter Biden.

Townhall is reporting that a whistleblower has come forward with proof that Hunter Biden "repeatedly" lied under oath.

Representative Jason Smith was one of the first to go public with this observation.

Laying out the facts:

🧵Hunter Biden lied to Congress.

New evidence from IRS whistleblowers released by @WaysandMeansGOP reveal multiple instances where Hunter Biden lied during his congressional deposition in February.


— Rep. Jason Smith (@RepJasonSmith) May 22, 2024

According to Smith, there are three lies that Hunter Biden told Congress:


Here's what Smith had to say about Hunter's infamous WhatsApp messages:

"First, Hunter Biden lied about the recipient of a WhatsApp message sent with the apparent intention to threaten a business associate and demand payment. In the message, Hunter Biden twice mentioned he was with his father. In the deposition, Hunter Biden sought to dismiss the message, claiming that he was either quote “high or drunk” when he sent it, and in that state, had sent it to the wrong Zhao, and not actually the one affiliated with the Chinese energy company, CEFC. Hunter claimed under oath that the recipient, quote “had no understanding or even remotely knew what…I was even…talking about.” However, phone records in front of the Committee today show Hunter Biden sent the message to the correct Chinese businessman by the name of Raymond Zhao who not only was affiliated with CEFC, but knew exactly what Hunter Biden was talking about."

"For several months, the pair messaged back and forth on the same phone numbers, and ultimately an affiliate of CEFC, Raymond Zhao’s company, sent $5 million to Hunter Biden and his associates just days after Hunter’s threatening message. These documents make clear that Hunter Biden was using his father’s name to shake down a Chinese businessman – and it worked. And when confronted by Congressional investigators about it, he lied," Smith added.


Hunter Biden lied about what businesses he was associated with:

"Hunter Biden lied when he claimed he was not the corporate secretary of Rosemont Seneca Bohai and that the shell company he established with Devon Archer and its associated bank accounts were not under his control nor affiliated with him."

Smith said that the truth is in Hunter's "own handwriting, and it is in front of our Committee today. On an official Rosemont Seneca Bohai document accepting yet another foreign payment, Hunter Biden wrote, ‘I, Robert Hunter Biden, hereby certify that I am the duly elected, qualified and acting Secretary of Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC.’ The Committee has also obtained evidence that shows Hunter Biden was, in fact, the beneficial owner of a bank account in the name of Rosemont Seneca Bohai."


Hunter Biden lied about who he helped get into this country. I guess he isn't the only Biden facing an immigration crisis.

"Hunter Biden lied during his deposition when he said he never helped individuals obtain U.S. visas," Smith claimed.

"The whistleblowers have provided an email to the Committee between Devon Archer, Hunter Biden, and Ukrainian associates in which Archer stated, ‘Hunter is checking with Miguel Aleman to see if he can provide cover to Kola on the visa.’ Kola, being the CEO of Burisma, Nikolay Zlochevsky and whose, the email also indicates, U.S. visa was revoked as there was concern about his foreign travel. These documents also confirm, again, that the IRS Whistleblowers have been telling the truth all along and include another example of the Department of Justice putting up roadblocks in this investigation."

What do you think about this story? Will anything happen to Hunter because he committed perjury, or will he face no consequences because of his last name?

Let us know your opinion by leaving us a comment in the discussion section below!

At the time of writing, and Snopes claim that there's "Research In Progress" regarding a photograph that shows former President Barack Obama posing with Sean Combs, who is currently part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation.

In May of 2024, a photograph went viral on social media that allegedly shows rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs posing next to former U.S. President Barack Obama. It is unclear whether there is actually debate over whether or not the picture is faked or if mainstream media sites are simply trying to cover for liberals.

If he's guilty of even half of what he's being accused of, Diddy's life could be over. At the very least, his career is probably close to over anyway.

Starting in March 2024

The first time the photo may have been seen was late in March 2024, when federal agents executed a search warrant and raided Combs' homes in Los Angeles and Miami as part of a sex trafficking investigation.

"The media doesn't want you to see this, so you know what to do," a social media post claimed back then.

"Here is President Obama throwing his support behind a p********," another commenter said.

Another user was quick to respond with a picture of Donald Trump meeting the same man.

The media doesn’t want you to see this either so you know what to do. .@TaraBull808

— VICnTX✊🏾‼️ (@MeVictorD) March 29, 2024

Snopes appears unsure

The report on MSN that appears to by syndicated from Snopes is not yet willing to say if the photograph is authentic or not, but they ARE willing to come right out and say that it doesn't matter either way:

"However, contrary to what social media users suggested, the photo itself did not indicate any involvement in or connection to the specific controversies facing Combs on Obama's part. Social media users also underscored that the rapper has been photographed with various other prominent figures, including former President Donald Trump," they reported.

"In short, despite the widespread circulation of the photograph, we have not found any reliable sources confirming or denying its authenticity. However, the existence of previous photos of Combs and Obama together, as well as the rapper's support for Obama's presidency, suggests that the latest image could be authentic. Because of that, we have rated this claim as 'Research in Progress,'" their assessment read.

Reaching out to Obama

Snopes/MSN claims to have reached out to the Office of Barack and Michelle Obama and the Obama Foundation for a comment, but does not appear to have received a response.

What do you think about this story? Does it matter, or are people making a mountain out of a molehill?

Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment in the discussion section below!

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

For several years now, leftist activists across America have condemned police, individually and in general, because of the egregious case involving George Floyd in Minnesota.

The oft-convicted criminal died while a police officer held him down with a knee on his neck, a case that resulted in convictions for several officers and a massive payout from the city to Floyd's family.

That episode triggered leftist attacks on police officers, police cars, police stations, and more, and even resulted in various "defund police" campaigns.

Not surprisingly, officers retired in large numbers, and simply left their departments, and there weren't many applying to replace them.

That might now have turned a corner, according to a new column reporting on the issue.

The piece by lawyer John Klar cites a study from the Police Executive Research Forum that confirmed there's been an "increase" in hiring during 2023, as well as a "drop" in police retirements and resignations.

"This is encouraging news for law and order following an exodus of experienced officers following the controversial death of George Floyd in 2020 and the ensuing BLM fad. Bold attacks on police, initiatives to defund departments, and reduced personnel from resignations and lower applications created a vicious cycle of demoralization that has not fully abated – some inner-city departments still struggle with recruitment despite six-figure starting salaries," he pointed out.

The issue likely is important to voters facing the 2024 presidential balloting, he noted.

"A recent poll by the Pew Research Center suggests the issue of law enforcement may feature highly in 2024 election races, as 58% of US adults say 'reducing crime should be a top priority for the president and Congress to address this year,' up from 47% at the beginning of the Biden presidency in 2021."

He said several circumstances have been getting attention, from "brazen assaults by illegal immigrants" to "squatting, shoplifting and carjacking."

He said the study revealed more new officers hired in 2023 than in any of the previous four years.

He reported, "It is understandable that police officers would resign or retire, and that recruits may hesitate to serve on the streets. The hateful attacks against U.S. police officers extend beyond mere shaming or political criticism – murders of police officers rose nearly 60% in 2021, a number that included numerous targeted assassinations. A total of 346 officers were shot in 271 separate incidents, according to the Fraternal Order of Police, and 103 of those shootings were 'ambush-style attacks.' The number dipped slightly in 2022 to 331 but then rose again to 378 in 2023. Surely such statistics motivate police officers and their loved ones to consider alternative professions."

And he noted many of those jurisdictions that jumped into the "defund" ideology now are working to restore public safety, which deteriorated under the anti-cop campaigns.

He suggested the problems now rest with leftist prosecutors who drop legitimate criminal charges, let criminals out on little or no bail, and simply don't prosecute winnable cases.

Klar explained, "Prosecutors in many roiling inner cities refuse to pursue sentencing enhancements for repeat offenses, aggravated circumstances, or gang affiliation. This ensures more violent, mentally ill, or criminally organized defendants will 'slip through the cracks' of lax prosecutorial worldviews and be released to commit more crimes, including targeted murders of on-duty police officers."

The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided not to review a challenge to Maryland's semiautomatic rifle restrictions. This critical decision leaves the state's law in force as the legal dispute continues to unfold. Amid ongoing debates about gun control, the law bans specific types of semiautomatic rifles and is part of broader national efforts to address mass shootings.

The Supreme Court’s refusal maintains the status quo, letting Maryland's law stand as appellate proceedings carry on.

The legal challenge to Maryland's law involves a group comprising Maryland residents, a gun dealer, and organizations advocating for Second Amendment rights. They contested the ban's constitutionality, arguing that it infringes on their fundamental rights. This legal conflict emphasizes the ongoing national debate over firearm regulations and gun ownership rights.

Maryland's Regulation After the Sandy Hook Shooting

In response to the tragic 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Maryland enacted a law prohibiting the possession, sale, transfer, or acquisition of certain semiautomatic rifles. The list includes 45 specific weapons or their equivalents. This measure was intended to prevent future atrocities by limiting access to what many consider particularly dangerous firearms.

Despite the ban on these selected rifles, the Maryland State Police confirm that other semiautomatic handguns and rifles remain legal under the state’s laws. The intent is to strike a balance between public safety and the rights of gun owners.

Maryland's stance is part of a broader trend, with nine other states and the District of Columbia imposing similar bans. These regional laws reflect diverging opinions across the United States regarding how best to handle gun control while respecting constitutional rights.

The Progression Through Courts

The challengers initially hoped the Supreme Court would preemptively intervene before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit could issue its ruling. However, this appellate court, having heard arguments in late March, has yet to make a decision. Therefore, the call for Supreme intervention prior to the appellate ruling was deemed premature by the high court.

Previously, this legal skirmish reached the Supreme Court but was referred back to lower courts following a pivotal 2022 decision. This earlier case by the Supreme Court set a precedent by expanding Second Amendment rights, shifting how gun laws are evaluated, and emphasizing a historical tradition framework.

The historical tradition approach assesses whether current gun laws align with longstanding U.S. traditions of firearm regulation. This analytical method was central to a recent lower court ruling that struck down a 30-year-old law preventing individuals under domestic violence restraining orders from carrying guns, illustrating the ongoing adjustments to legal standards governing firearm control.

Arguments From Both Sides

Supporters of the gun rights argued passionately for the ban's reversal. They insisted that the Supreme Court’s involvement was crucial for safeguarding constitutional rights, hinting at possible biases in lower court decisions. "A fundamental right is at stake, the proper outcome is clear," stated the pro-Second Amendment groups, emphasizing the necessity for the higher court's intervention.

Conversely, Maryland officials, including Attorney General Anthony Brown, defended the ban. Brown argued that the prohibition on assault-style weapons passes constitutional muster. He noted, "The consistent with our nation’s historical tradition of firearms regulation, which encompasses regulation of novel arms posing heightened dangers to public safety."

This legal tug-of-war thus not only discusses the constitutionality of the Maryland law but also the broader implications of firearm regulation in America.

Looking Ahead: The Next Judicial Phases

As the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals prepares to make its decision, the eventual return of this issue to the Supreme Court seems likely. Both supporters and detractors of the law keenly await further judicial scrutiny that could set significant precedents for gun laws nationwide.

The resolution of this challenge could influence future legislative and judicial actions on similar bans across the country, reflecting evolving attitudes towards gun control and individual rights in America.

While the Supreme Court has momentarily sidestepped this contentious issue, the ongoing legal battles underscore a national struggle to balance public safety with constitutional rights. With each judicial decision, the framework for interpreting the Second Amendment continues to evolve, shaping the landscape of American gun policy.

Train fans and music fans all over the world are going to be very saddened by the news.

Charlie Colin, a founding member of Train, has passed away at age 58. He was reportedly house-sitting for a friend in Brussels when he slipped and fell in the shower.

The friends found him when they returned home from their trip.

A busy man

Colin was in Belgium teaching a master class at a conservatory and was also making a film, according to the musician's mother.

Charlie Colin was a bass player who co-founded the group in San Francisco during the 90s alongside Pat Monahan, Rob Hotchkiss, Jimmy Stafford, and Scott Underwood.

Their greatest hits would be the songs "Drops of Jupiter" and "Hey, Soul Sister."

Breaking out

Even thought he band had been around for a few years by that point, the band didn't really take off until the release of their 1998 album, "Train."

Colin provided thoughts on the album during an interview he gave back in 2022.

"In essence, I was trained since I was a child. We rebranded and in 1996, we got things going well. By the end of that decade, we had hits, the Grammys, stadiums and all that stuff," Colin said on Dan Clark's podcast.

Colin's end in Train

Things seemed to be going relatively well for Train the band, but not everything was going as well for Charlie Colin the person.

The band was still producing music by October 2003, but Colin was battling a serious substance abuse issue. Train singer Pat Monahan said that Charlie Colin was "a mess."

Monahan called an emergency meeting and reportedly told the rest of the band, "you can have your bass player or you can have your singer."

It would appear as though the rest of the band was tired of Colin's antics as well, because before long, Charlie Colin was replaced by Johnny Colt, bass player for the Black Crowes.

Life after Train

In his later years, Colin moved to Brussels, Belgium, in order to teach a music master class at a conservativatory. By the time of his death, he was also serving as the musical director for the Newport Beach Film Festival, according to his social media accounts.

It was a sad end for a man who contributed so much in the form of art to the world. After slipping, falling, and dying in the shower, Colin was not found until the homeowners returned five days later.

Rest in Peace, Charlie. Prayers for comfort go out to his family and friends.

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