Julian Castro: Trump’s impeachment, removal would be ‘best thing’ for country

Amid all of the Democrat criticism of President Donald Trump, one fact is clear — they loathe this president and want nothing more than to see him removed from the White House, by any means necessary.

That truth was apparent in a recent interview given by Julian Castro, former secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the Obama administration, who is one of the many Democrats seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination. Castro declared that not only should Trump be impeached, he should be removed for the good of the country.

Castro defends Biden

In an Off Script interview with NPR host Lulu Garcia-Navarro, Castro was asked immediately about the House Democrats’ push for impeachment over the Ukraine issue, in which Trump has been accused of pressuring officials in that country to interfere in the upcoming election by investigating alleged corruption involving the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Castro quite predictably defended his fellow 2020 candidate from the president’s accusations, and said, “I believe that Trump is trying to do to Joe Biden what he did to Hillary Clinton, that he’s trying to take a public servant that has served honorably over the years and muddy their reputation with false accusations that, in this case, have been investigated.”

He proceeded to note that he had his disagreements on policy with Biden and referenced their recent dust-up at the last debate, then added, “But I believe that he’s fundamentally an honest and honorable man.”

Impeachment and removal

As for the effort to impeach President Trump, Garcia-Navarro asked if it would be “the best thing” for the country if the House not only impeached Trump, but the Senate went ahead with a trial as well — despite all of that occurring in the midst of contentious election year in which voters will be choosing a president.

“Well, I believe the best thing for the country would be not only impeachment, but removal,” Castro replied. “This president has violated his oath of office. He has abused his power. People can read that in that transcript.”

“In unprecedented ways, he has used the office of the presidency to boost himself and put his own self-interest above the national interest. How much more evidence do people need that this man should not be anywhere near the Oval Office?” he added.

Rushing to judgment

There are just a couple of problems with Castro’s assertions, however, aside from his insistence that Trump must be removed from office — in an election year — before any evidence is presented or a trial held.

First of all, the transcript of the phone call with Ukraine shows the opposite of what was alleged by the so-called “whistleblower” complaint, in that there was no requested “quid pro quo,” no pressure exerted on Ukraine, no real demand for an investigation into Biden, and no apparent abuse of power.

As to the assertion that Trump has used the presidency to “boost himself” above the interests of the nation, bear in mind that his family fortune has declined since he announced his run for office, his entire salary as president has been donated instead of kept, and he has most certainly worked to advance the interests of America in countless beneficial ways around the globe and here at home.

The boiled-down truth of the matter is that Castro — like so many others on the left — simply can’t accept Trump’s electoral victory in 2016, his successful agenda, and the increasing likelihood that he will win a second term.

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