Jimmy Carter asks Trump to send him to North Korea to break negotiation stalemate

A former president has just offered his services to President Donald Trump in the hopes of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Through Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), former President Jimmy Carter has offered to develop a “step-by-step plan to get to the point of peace and work toward denuclearization.”

Even though Carter no longer travels, the 94-year-old former president said he would make an exception if Trump wanted him to work on his behalf with North Korea.

No Longer Relevant

The thought of allowing Jimmy Carter to work for Trump so laughable it’s sad.

First, look no further than Carter’s record as president.

We must also remember Carter tried to work through an agreement with the North Koreans before. Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il Sung, was at the helm during Carter’s administration when Carter put forth a 12-point plan.

Kim Il Sung died soon after. But Carter was also unable to get a deal done with that leader’s son, Kim Jong Il.

The stakes are much higher these days, not to mention that Carter is now 94. How can he be expected to put up with the rigors and stress a negotiation such as this would require?

Danger Zone

If Trump agreed to let Carter work on his behalf, Democrats would probably try to take all the credit.

Rather than celebrating a bipartisan effort to find a peaceful solution, it is a fairly safe assumption they would work the angle that Trump needed a Democrat to bail him out.

That, obviously, would be a major optics disaster for the Trump administration.

Additionally, Carter has not exactly been kind to Trump when asked about his perception of this president. While Trump has said he’s had the most successful first two years of any administration, Carter has called Trump’s tenure in the White House a “disaster.”

For his part, Trump has previously stated that he thinks Carter a pushover, so it would be a far reach to think Trump would actually trust him to make policy.

Sorry, Jimmy.

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