Jimmy Carter says Trump is ‘illegitimate’ president

Former President Jimmy Carter has kept a fairly low profile for the last several years, declining to comment on Trump’s presidency for the most part.

However, Carter has just shocked the nation by declaring that he thinks Trump’s presidency is illegitimate.

Walked Into It

President Carter seemed to let his own mouth get away from him during the forum.

He was first responding to a question about Russian interference during the 2016 election.

Carter stated that he thought Trump should call out Russia for its alleged actions. Carter then went on a bit of a rant stating that he believed Trump would have lost the election had Russians not interfered on his behalf.

The host of the session jumped all over that and put Carter on the spot with the question about Trump being an illegitimate president.

Carter then seemed to realize he may have taken it too far. He even stated that based on his last reply and the fact he could not take those comments back that, yes, Trump was an illegitimate president.

Trump Response

On Saturday, President Trump finally got to respond to Carter’s comments.

Trump stated that Carter was a “nice man,” but he quickly followed that up by calling Carter a terrible president.

He then stated Iran brought Carter to his knees during his administration.

Overall, though, Trump was pretty tame with Carter, all things considered. That is more than likely because prior to this point, the two have enjoyed a fairly pleasant relationship.

That surely will change now, though, as Carter will surely be on Trump’s hit list from this point forward.

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