Jimmy Carter says Trump should be bound to deals signed by other presidents without Senate approval

Former President Jimmy Carter just crossed a line he never should have approached.

Carter is claiming any legislation signed by a previous president should be left alone.

Really Jimmy?

Carter should have read some history books before opening his mouth.

He is more than a little upset Trump pulled out of Obama’s legacy Iran nuclear deal.

What Carter failed to mention is that Obama himself killed previous sanctions that had been on the books for about two decades.

Obama did so because he said Iran changed its ways, but we all know that to be a farce.

Nothing New

While Carter is making this out to be something unheard of, that is far from the case.

Dating all the way back to John Adams, presidents have undone policy they did not either agree with or that was put in place due to a party line.

In fact, The Guardian did an in-depth piece detailing just how “normal” this is in the office of the president.

The piece revealed not only the silent feud between Adams and Jefferson, but some rather interesting reversals in more modern times.

Dating back to Reagan, administrations have been bouncing back and forth on legislation to ban federal funding for abortions.

Bill Clinton was the first to revoke it after taking over for Bush, then George W. put it back in place when he took office.

Once again, after Obama took office, the ban was lifted.

No Surprise

What everyone still seems to forget is that Trump gave everyone his game plan while he was running.

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The funny thing is these lifelong politicians are so used to making promises and not delivering on them, they never took his threats to undue what Obama did seriously.

Something else they never considered is that precedent backs every move Trump is making.

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