Caroline Glick: Biden is declaring war on Netanyahu

 December 16, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden, after Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and butchered some 1,400 people, expressed America's alliance with Israel, and condemned the horrific results of the violence against civilians.

But things changed, and now commentator Caroline Glick is pointing out that it appears Biden has declared "war" on the Netanyahu government in Israel.

That things have gone off the rails already has been documented in several media outlets, with the Washington Examiner noting Biden has said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must "change."

Biden told a partisan fundraiser that the U.S. would keep supporting Israel but "warned Netanyahu about waning public support for Israel's bombing campaigns among voters."

He said, "Bibi's got a tough decision to make. This is the most conservative government in Israel's history." And result? "I think he has to change, and with this government, this government in Israel is making it very difficult for him to move."

Newsweek's message went a little further, with the report explaining Biden was warning Netanyahu his government was going to "lose support" over its stance against the Hamas terror.

It said, "Netanyahu declared war on the Palestinian militant group Hamas following its October 7 attacks on Israel in which 1,200 people were killed and 240 taken hostage. Death tolls continue to mount, drawing international scrutiny and continued calls for a ceasefire by many—including protests across the United States in defense of civilians."

The report noted Biden also told Israel to support a "two-state solution" in the Middle East, a solution that Palestinians have rejected many times.

Yet another media report from the Los Angeles Times said what previously was a "tight bear hug" between the Allies, now is "entwined with some of the most hellish aspects of this war."

Those issues include Palestinian civilian victims, who often are used by terrorists as shields, the fate of Israeli hostages still held by the terror group, and more.

Glick posted her comments online:

She described Biden's new antagonism as "horrific."

"If Israel doesn't eradicate Hamas and Gaza today then we're going to face further aggression from additional enemies in the region that are controlled today largely by Iran," she said.

And allies will be second-guessing what they should do.

"President Biden first and foremost is ignoring the strategic imperative of what Israel is doing and that I think is one of the big problems," she said, citing its intention to eliminate the Hamas terror threat.

She pointed out the dangerous element that "three quarters of Palestinians support what happened on October 7th."

Further, many of those also now "support the genocide of Jews right the United States…"

She warned Biden now "is now taking aim at the stability of the elected Israeli government and delegitimizing and demonizing its senior ministers as well as the prime minister…"

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