‘Personal attacks rarely work’: Carlson warns against making issue of Biden’s mental decline

While Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has faced widespread concern regarding his perceived cognitive decline throughout the campaign, some allies of President Donald Trump do not believe this strategy on its own will suffice.

In his on-air reaction to Tuesday’s contentious presidential debate, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson made the case for curtailing personal attacks on the former vice president in favor of going after his policies, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“It’s easy to forget it”

“Trump isn’t going to win this race by calling Joe Biden senile,” Carlson said during a segment of his program on Wednesday.

By the same token, he asserted that Biden would not win “by calling Donald Trump a racist, as he repeatedly did last night.

Carlson called the accusations against Trump “slander” that was not effective when employed by Democrats ahead of the 2016 presidential race, noting that “personal attacks rarely work” in pursuit of changing the outcome of an election.

“That’s obvious if you look at the results, but it’s easy to forget it — and many did,” he concluded.

Turning his attention toward advising the Trump campaign, Carlson aired a clip from the debate in which Biden touts his “Buy American” campaign slogan.

“It was remarkable”

“Joe Biden stole Donald Trump’s lines,” the host declared. “It was remarkable. How was Biden able to do that? Well, the Trump campaign should ruminate on that question.”

Instead of personal attacks, Carlson urged the Trump campaign to focus on issues that matter to American voters — particularly the policies a Biden administration would likely put into action.

“Trump’s advisers/in-laws are telling him to brag about the number of people he has let out of prison, this at a time when our crime rate is exploding and people are dying as a result of it,” Carlson added.

Although these are the opinions of one individual, Carlson’s influence within the Trump administration has been the subject of widespread speculation. Late last year, former Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon claimed that the president receives more guidance on matters of foreign affairs from Carlson than his official advisers.

The winner of Tuesday’s debate remains the subject of its own debate — but Carlson and others are providing their input as the president prepares for his next outing against Biden.

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