Carlson says WaPo reporter contacted former college roommates in attempt to dig up dirt

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson has faced frequent attempts to damage his career in recent years based on on-air rhetoric denounced by critics as incendiary and racist.

Now, he claims that reporters for The Washington Post have contacted his “old college classmates” in an apparent effort to find and expose scandals from his past.

“Quite a few old college roommates”

According to The Washington Times, Carlson’s comments on the matter came during his show on Tuesday evening, during which he reminded his audience that the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to take him down.

He went on to blast Jeff Bezos, who owns the Post, for reaching out to people he had not seen in decades to uncover dirt on him.

It is not the first time that the outspoken conservative host has been targeted by the mainstream media, but Carlson explained how this incident differs from the rest.

“We spent today hearing from quite a few old college classmates, in some cases people we have been out of touch with for 30 years,” he said. “It was nice, but here was the occasion for it. Jeff Bezos had one of his minions, a mentally unbalanced middle-aged man called Erik Wemple, pull our dusty college yearbook and call around and see if we’d done anything naughty at the age of 19.”

Of course, Wemple and Bezos declined to respond to Carlson’s questions about the incident — but the host nevertheless offered an olive branch by inviting the Amazon CEO to come on his show.

“He’s always welcome, anytime”

“Before Bezos drops any more of his billions on opposition research, you should know that it will not affect any election outcome,” Carlson said. “This is a news show, it’s not a political campaign. No one here is running for anything or plans to. On the other hand, if Jeff Bezos wants to come over to reminisce about 1987 on this show, he’s always welcome, anytime.”

Considering the embarrassing events and circumstances that often define the college years, it is impressive that the Post has failed to report anything from its apparent research.

For his part, Carlson has proven to be one of the conservative movement’s most resilient figures, and his influence in American politics appears to be on track to expand in the coming years. While many pundits have been compromised or silenced by Big Tech firms and other progressive forces, he has proven virtually invulnerable to such attacks so far.

Carlson has even been included in conversations about the 2024 presidential campaign, but he has shown no interest in running for office, opting instead to remain in his position at Fox News.

Following the death of Rush Limbaugh, Carlson seems to be the right-wing radio host’s heir apparent — and the left knows it. As a result, progressives from all walks of life can be expected to throw everything they have at him in an attempt to damage his reputation and livelihood.

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