Tucker Carlson slams ‘The View’ cast for criticizing his take on the breakdown of American families

Thursday’s edition of Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight was a case study in facts versus feelings.

The show’s eponymous host scorched members of ABC’s The View for suggesting that his Wednesday monologue on the breakdown of the American family was somehow “loony town.”

“Yeah, loony town,” Carlson retorted, pointing out that “no one contested the facts of what we said.”

Fact versus fiction

The televised feud began on Wednesday when Carlson ran an extended segment arguing that “culture and economics are inseparably intertwined.” The Fox News anchor and Daily Caller editor-in-chief presented the breakdown of the American family as the most imminent problem facing the country in 2019.

“The real problem [in America] is families. America used to be the best country in the world for families,” Carlson wrote in an accompanying op-ed published by Fox News. “Americans could get married and afford to raise their own children. If your kids worked hard, you could expect that maybe they’d be a little more successful than you were. That was what we called the ‘American Dream.'”

But that life order exists no longer, Carlson said, citing statistics from a number of studies, including the liberal Brookings Institute.

“Falling male wages caused about a quarter of the decline in marriage rates over the last 35 years,” he said, referring to a 2015 study. “Two years later, MIT researchers found that when factories close, marriage rates go down and single parenthood becomes more common. That — as you can guess — causes a high proportion of children to wind up on drugs or in prison. So it’s not a small thing.”

Take a look at Carlson’s full monologue:

The hysterical response

Before airing The View’s response to his monologue, Carlson insisted that he was simply reciting the facts during his Wednesday show. “So what we said was a statement of fact. We wish it weren’t. In an ideal world, none of this would matter. The marriage rate never would have declined when manufacturing died and everything in middle America would be fine,” he said.

“But it’s not,” Carlson continued, “and we’re not in charge of that. All we can do is tell the truth about what happened — which we did, because it actually matters.

“And that turned out to be too much for the people who believe it’s their job to prevent you from knowing why your country is going down the tubes. Those people got very angry. Here’s a selection,” Carlson said.

The all-female cast of The View, who have developed a reputation for sparring with conservative guests and succumbing to hysterics at the mention of President Donald Trump, mocked Carlson for daring to suggest that economics and family are intrinsically linked. Without offering a counter-argument of their own, the mostly-liberal cast dismissed Carlson’s arguments as pure insanity.

“It reminds me of when they blamed women for pregnancies as if he had nothing to do with it,” said Joy Behar, a veteran co-host of the daytime program. Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s moderator, attributed Carlson’s presentation to crazy male chauvinism.

“Men fight it, they don’t want to feel like this, but they’ve been raised a certain way to believe that they’re supposed to be the breadwinners,” Goldberg said. “And so there’s all kinds of craziness out there that makes people do and say things that are really kind of questionable.”

Abby Huntsman, the newest member of The View and the show’s token Republican, disagreed with Carlson’s assertions but said that he has a “heart of gold” behind the scenes.

“It looked like Looney Town to me,” said the far-left out-of-work actress Sunny Hostin. “He seemed real nutty to me.”

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Cowed into silence

“Yeah, loony town,” Carlson answered on his Thursday program. “No one contested the facts of what we said. In fact, later in the show one of those same hosts admitted that, in fact, women do strongly prefer marrying men who make more than they do.

“So it’s true,” Carlson continued. “It’s not on the approved list of talking points so it can’t ever be said out loud. Those are the rules, and anyone who violates those rules must be punished.”

Carlson went on to argue that liberal elites like the hosts of The View have intimidated many Americans who share Carlson’s views into silence.

“This is very common,” he said, “and if you wonder how we wound up in the dark age we’re currently living through, this is how we did.”

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