Tucker Carlson praises Trump for non-interventionist foreign policy, opposition to Russia-Ukraine war

July 8, 2023
Ben Marquis

If there is one thing that many supporters and critics of former President Donald Trump can agree on, it is that he is generally anti-war and opposed to U.S. intervention in foreign conflicts, including the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

With regard to that non-interventionist foreign policy and the impact it has had broadly on the Republican Party, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson asserted that Trump has been "the most significant thing that happened in American politics in 100 years," according to the Daily Caller.

Of particular significance to Carlson is how Trump managed to push a sizeable portion of the GOP to the position of recoiling from foreign intervention in spite of the decidedly interventionist Republican Party establishment and leadership.

"Trump is right" and "Everyone in Washington is wrong"

Those remarks from Carlson came during a lengthy interview on Friday with British comedic intellectual Russel Brand on his podcast, "Stay Free."

"I think looking back on this ten years from now, assuming we're still around, I think we're going to see Trump's emergence as the most significant thing that happened in American politics in 100 years, because he reoriented the Republican Party against the wishes of Republican leaders," Carlson said.

As of the current moment, he continued, "I'm struck by his foreign policy views. You know Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party really who is saying, 'Wait a second, why are we supporting an endless war in Ukraine?'"

"Leaving aside whether Trump is going to get the nomination, or get elected President, or would be a good President -- you know, I can't even assess that," Carlson acknowledged. "All I can say at this point is I'm so grateful he has that position. He's right and everyone in Washington is wrong, everyone. And Trump is right, on that question, and it's a big question. That war is reshaping the world. It's reshaping the economy of the world. It's reshaping populations."

Trump understands that "Europe will never be the same"

In reference to the mass death and millions of refugees caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the former Fox News host observed, "Europe will never be the same because of this war and it really matters, and Trump alone among popular figures in both parties understands that and I'm grateful for that."

"Whether he gets the nomination or gets elected, words really matter," Carlson added. "Saying something true out loud matters, and he is saying true things about Ukraine and God bless him. That's how I feel."

Trump stands apart from D.C. establishment hawks

Former President Trump shared a video clip of those comments from Carlson on his Truth Social platform and wrote, "Thank you Tucker. So many lives wasted, so many lives to be saved!"

The Daily Caller noted that, in sharp contrast to an overwhelming majority of Washington D.C., Trump has been quite outspoken in his opposition to President Joe Biden's seemingly open-ended support of Ukraine in its territorial conflict with Russia.

He has been particularly critical of the Biden administration's often provocative rhetoric and provision of deadly weaponry that threatens to escalate the conflict beyond Ukraine's borders.

In contrast, Trump has repeatedly and insistently called for peace negotiations and asserted that, if given the chance to speak directly with the leaders of both warring nations, he could end the conflict rapidly, perhaps in as few as "24 hours."

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