Carlson exposed evidence of potential ‘meaningful voter fraud’ in Georgia’s Fulton County

Despite insistent claims from elections officials and the media that everything in the 2020 election was on the up-and-up, legitimate questions remain for some about the reported results and how they were reached, particularly in Fulton County, Georgia.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spent some time Wednesday discussing those questions while sharing compelling evidence that strongly suggests that everything in Fulton County was, in fact, not on the up-and-up, Republican Daily reported.

Apparent evidence of “meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County”

Carlson began with a reference to a mid-May break-in at a warehouse in Fulton County where tens of thousands of absentee ballots had been stored and how county officials have been exceptionally tight-lipped about that incident as well as the ballots themselves more generally, with the now-ubiquitous refrain that people should just stop asking questions about them.

He noted, however, that thanks to litigation from an election integrity group called VoterGA and attorney Bob Cheely, and said, “It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia last November. That is not a conspiracy theory. It’s true.”

Carlson shared how the group had discovered “at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots from the November election were double-counted in Fulton County,” totaling more than 4,000 votes, the preponderance of which went to President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump.

He also pointed out how the “strongly left of center Atlanta Journal-Constitution” seemed to agree with the findings that the ballots had been double-counted, and played a clip of a VoterGA analyst detailing how it was undeniable, yet still unexplainable, that the ballots had been counted more than once.

“Every American should want to know because the answer gets to the heart of the integrity of our elections, otherwise known as our democracy,” Carlson said. “We’re not talking about a couple of ballots here. We’re talking about a lot of ballots, at least hundreds of ballots involved, enough potentially to affect the outcome of the election.”

Other examples of potential fraud

That was but one of several examples of dubious activities and potentially “meaningful voter fraud” that Carlson highlighted, such as surveillance footage of an election worker appearing to scan and count one batch of ballots multiple times in a row.

He also highlighted how, after months of Fulton County officials refusing to turn over requested audit tally sheets, it had finally been discovered that several of those tally sheets contained entirely fraudulent totals that delivered hundreds of votes to Biden and none to Trump. Carlson asked, “How is that not flat-out criminal fraud? We’d love to know because it certainly sounds like flat-out criminal fraud.”

The Fox host also pointed out pictures taken by an election observer which showed stacks of purportedly mailed-in ballots that showed no folds or creases from being inside an envelope and noted that, according to the observer, the entire stack appeared to have been printed out instead of filled in by hand and virtually all of them contained votes for Biden and other Democrats.

Legitimate questions deserve actual answers

One final bit of apparent evidence of election fraud was the discovery that, per data from the U.S. Post Office, at least 35,000 votes in Georgia’s election had been cast by people who had moved and were no longer eligible to vote.

“Without answers to legitimate questions like the ones we just posed — and those are legitimate questions — democracy dies,” Carlson said. “People begin to understand the system they’ve been told that is on the level is, in fact, rigged, and when they believe that, God knows what they do next.”

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